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An Original Spencer by Lori Tyler

An Original Spencer by Lori Tyler
Laura Reed is a black Chicago woman who is at the start of her career. Once her MBA is in hand, she is off to the glamorous life of Madison Avenue. Then one day, she wakes up and finds herself in a hospital at the turn of the twentieth century, recovering from an acute fever. To her shock, she has taken the place of her exact lookalike, and is now married to Justin, a man who clearly hates his wife. He considers Laura to be her, only under some illness-induced delusion that she is someone else.
It has been only thirty-five years since the abolishment of slavery, and Laura now has to navigate her way through a time when a black woman was expected to be silent and submissive, virtues that she never had prepared to emulate. With no one else to turn to, she relies on the help of a little girl who believes Laura's story, and shows her how to live in 1900 and understand the person she is now married to.
Justin Spencer is an honest, hard-working man who owns a home in an all-Negro neighborhood of Chicago. Suddenly, his wife is acting strangely, erratically, and even violently. When she sullies his reputation in the community, he is compelled to punish her with a leather strap, not realizing that he is at only the beginning of a wild ride from which he will never recover.
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The Iron Hand's Bride by Aycee Masterson
The Bride and the Iron Hand
Can Hugh find romance amidst treachery and deceit? 
Hugh Isarnon, a young naive nobleman in the service of the king, is the sort of lord that takes his duties very seriously and has little time to bother with matrimony or romance - until the right woman happens to come along.
When his fellow nobleman Aethelwald recruits him to help find a new bride for their friend, King Edgar, he comes to witness first-hand a struggle of selfish desire, lies and tragedy as Edgar and Aethelwald seem intent on having the same woman as a bride. In the midst of being caught up in a web of deceit and jealousy, Hugh finds one thing that brings him solace - Elena, a commoner, whose pretty face and unpredictable ways won't save her from a stinging swat to her backside if it warrants one.
Hugh is forced to watch as his friends struggle and may even come to blows for the hand of the same woman. All the while, he has to make up his own mind concerning what to do about a woman of his own. Commoner or not, Elena is hardly a common sort of woman.
The Iron Hand's Good Wife
A medieval novel of romance and intrigue. 
Elena is plucked from a commoner's life and chosen by Lord Hugh Isarnon, known as "the Iron-Hand," to be his bride. She is forced to settle for a marriage to a man whom she never wanted, and is expected to both provide for her husband's every whim and to give him an heir - something that, after 10 long, fruitless years, seems impossible. 
When Edgar, the king of England, dies, Hugh finds himself at the center of the struggle for succession, and his may be the deciding vote of who will be the next king. Hugh decides to take Elena with him to the royal court in the hopes that she can help him to make the right choice, only to find them both swept up in a conspiracy to control the throne, and all of England with it. 
The new responsibilities her husband has entrusted her with are more than Elena wants, and even though Hugh's hands may not be made of iron, their touch can still sting against her backside all the same. After taking matters into her own hands, Elena finds that the consequences may cost more than she can afford to pay, and that there's more in store for her than just the quiet, predictable life that she had resigned herself to. 
Publisher's Note: "The Iron Hand's Bride" is a two-book set of erotic novels that include both consensual and non-consensual spankings in an historical adventure setting.
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