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New from Beth Bennett: Southern Comfort

Southern Comfort by Beth Bennett
The issue of slavery has divided the nation and war is upon the land.

Charlotte MaCausland, the smart, sensible, southern daughter of a mathematics professor, is thrown directly into the center of the conflict. Cadet Brice Bidwell only has eyes for Charlotte and intends to make her his own, even if that requires a little old fashioned discipline if she refuses to cooperate. Brice must choose between his love for Charlotte and duty to his conscience. Their lives take different paths, but cross again in Richmond, during the climax of the war. Barely escaping Libby prison, Brice secrets Charlotte away in the middle of the night. 

Will Charlotte's anger at Brice's betrayal spell doom or will true love and a little southern comfort win the day?

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Being Lady Clara by Amelia Wren
Humble farm girl Becky Wilson's life is about to change. Seduced by the thrill of an affluent lifestyle, as well as a tidy sum of money, she agrees to travel to London to attend the Season. In order to successfully masquerade as Lady Clara Prescott - a young lady with whom she shares a striking resemblance - she begins to take lessons, and she learns far more than merely which fork to use or how to execute a proper curtsey. 

Despite her fears, she finds herself adapting to the high life quite well. All would be perfect except for one very serious complication. The handsome but straitlaced Lord Hayworth seems to be on to her. As they engage in a battle of wits, she fears that at the very least he will make good on his promise to tan her backside, and at the worst, he will expose her as an imposter. 

Set in the luxurious world of London's high society, Being Lady Clara is both a charming Cinderella story, and a steamy tale of sexual awakening.

Chapter One is available for  FREE
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