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We are, in fact, the oldest web-based romance and romance erotica publisher. We have been in business since 1991, and sold erotica through mail-order from '91 through '98, at which point we moved to web-based publishing via a membership site model. We opened our first e-book store in 2001. We currently represent around 350 professional romance authors who have met the RWA minimum guidelines.

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Bracken Ridge by Kelly Dawson
Anniversary Sale
When Anna Fletcher comes home from University back to Bracken Ridge, the equine centre where she grew up, she is stunned to find Jeremy McCrae working as the manager. They were children together and she has had a crush on him forever. The years she's been away, Jeremy has only gotten cuter.

Anna has plans for Bracken Ridge, but before she can implement them, she needs to prove herself. The biggest obstacle in her path is Jeremy. He's the boss - but she can't work for him. He's been her best mate forever, and to cede to his authority now is going against every grain of her nature.

Can Jeremy tame Anna's rebellious spirit before it is too late?
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Mind Me, Mae by Georgia St. Claire
Writer Mabel Wainwright is taking up residence in the small town of Menton so she can write her next book.

She thinks it's the perfect little town to find some peace and quiet and work.

What she doesn't expect is to find a town that centers around domestic discipline, even if you are an unmarried woman.

Sheriff Will Bates will guide Mabel in her new life. Will what is supposed to be a temporary move turn into something more permanent? And can Will save Mabel from a man from her past that has followed her to her new home?
Regularly priced at $4.99, but on sale this week for a special "flashback" sale of $2.99 until thisSaturday, January 30th
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Red Moons by Ada Carson
When Darla, a PR whiz from Helena, meets her new client, Jake, an alpha male who owns more real estate in South Dakota than the BLM, sparks fly.

Those sparks quickly turn to spankings, which keep the affair going between the two, who are both married to others.

Darla is married to Tim Benson, who has a specialty car shop in Helena but has been reticent about reining her in. When Tim accompanies Darla to Beaver Creek, South Dakota, he learns a thing or two from his rival. Meantime, Darla realizes she is pregnant. Which will she choose? Will her decision be affected by family history that goes back to homesteading days?
Regularly priced at $4.99, but on sale this week for a special "flashback" sale of $2.99 until thisSaturday, January 30th
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When the Castle loses one of its own to cancer, what better way to honor his memory than by hosting a charity event? Thirty submissives answer the call, offering themselves up on the auction block for four days, three nights, and anything goes. 

Meet five of them in five great, full-length brand new novels from five of erotic writing's best authors:

"Owning O" by Maren Smith: She's the most highly-coveted submissive the Castle has ever known. She never says no, cries her safeword, or plays with the same Dom twice. For years Alan has watched her, looking but never touching until the night of the auction. Seizing his chance, Alan bids, but defeating the other Doms in the audience is only the first and easiest step in his bid to own the infamous O. Freeing her from herself quickly proves to be much, much harder....

"Punishing Portia" by Darling Adams: When chef David Marone recognizes the food critic who just lambasted him in a review on the auction block, he bids to keep her as his slave for three nights. He remembers her from culinary school seventeen years earlier, and relishes the idea of getting even with her. Portia Sands hopes the gorgeous Chicago chef who won her at the auction doesn't know her real identity. Then, she discovers he knows who she is and means to exact revenge. She considers calling a safeword to end their time together, but some part of her won't allow it. Somehow she must survive three nights as his slave and keep her heart in the process.

"Rosie's Resolutions" by Maggie Ryan: "Don't Chicken Out" - those three words are at the top of Rosa's list of resolutions. Sure, she'd never before kept any of her past resolutions for week, but this year it will be different.

The moment Master Marshall announced the Auction, Rosa knew it was fate. As an employee, this is her chance to remove her Nanny uniform. She can stand on the stage and pray that someone would want to be her "daddy."

The moment the hammer falls, Rosa becomes Rosie - the Little that will learn what it is like to be taken care of, to be cuddled and loved. Will she discover that being Little isn't all fun and games? 

"Buying Brianny" by Abbie Adams: Kian's ex hadn't thought of it as loving when he'd busted her butt for drinking and driving. No, she'd ended the relationship in a hurry. Of course he'd never repeat the mistake with another women. Not even Brianny, who as it turns out, has craved discipline among other things. 

Some people go to strange lengths to prove their love. All Brianny wants as proof is for Kian to buy her at The Castle's New Year's Eve charity auction, then tie her up and take away her control. Will Kian pay the asking price? 

"Sharing Silver" by Tabitha Black: Six months since her marriage ended in divorce, and Sylvia is craving some excitement - not to mention kink. So when Rosa tells her about a slave auction being held at the Castle, Sylvia throws caution to the wind and flies to America to be sold off to the highest bidder under the nickname Silver. Gorgeous twin Castle Masters, Travis and Trevor, can have any girl they choose - and frequently do. The only downside professionally, however, is there's never enough time to build trust. So when Trevor hears about the auction, he and his brother set about looking for a plaything they can do whatever they want with - a girl with as few limits as possible. But the brothers are smitten by the mysterious girl from Australia, but whenever they try to get close, she clams up. Can the twins make her see what she means to them before it's too late?

Five great new novels (with bonus novella "Fulfilling Her Fantasy" by Tabitha Black), this collection has it all at an amazing value price. Publisher's note: This erotic romance fantasy collection explores multiple kinks in the setting of a BDSM resort, including age-play, manage, reluctant submission, and the spanking of adult women. If these themes offend you, please do not buy this collection.
Regularly priced at $9.99, but on sale this week for a special "flashback" sale of $4.99 until thisSaturday, January 30th
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