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New #BlushingBooks The Widow Wench by Joannie Kay

The Widow Wench by Joannie Kay
Ulf's and Kristin's sister, Hild, is now a widow with no desire to marry again. Her husband, Jon, was a cruel man who beat her mercilessly and used her without care for her feelings or well-being. Jon only wanted the money she could give him from the keep gifted her by her father, Magnus, and he cared not if his people suffered in the bargain. It was Kristin who learned the truth of her sister's terrible marriage and went to their father to complain. Magnus came at once to offer Hild his protection. When Jon came at him with murder in his eyes, Magnus dealt him a mighty blow. Jon fell on his own dagger and died, leaving Hild free. Now, Magnus was matchmaking again and attempting to find another husband for Hild, but she wanted no part of it!

Gust did not wish to marry again, either, and if not for his five-year-old son he would not consider it at all, but Hadd needed a mother who would love him as his own mother never did. If it meant he had to put up with a wife in order to gain a mother for his son, then he would suffer another marriage.

Gust was able to reassure Hild that he would never take his fists to her; he despised men who were cruel to women. But, he was honest and let her know that he did believe in spanking if it was warranted. Hild found she was able to accept that, and she promised she would never do the things his first wife did. Still, old ghosts were hard to put to rest, and both Hild and Gust had much to learn of love. The first time Gust thought to punish Hild with a spanking, she trembled in fear, terrified that Gust would lose control. Could she overcome her fear and learn to trust in love?
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