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We are, in fact, the oldest web-based romance and romance erotica publisher. We have been in business since 1991, and sold erotica through mail-order from '91 through '98, at which point we moved to web-based publishing via a membership site model. We opened our first e-book store in 2001. We currently represent around 350 professional romance authors who have met the RWA minimum guidelines.

New this evening... How Miss West Was Won by Lexie Clark

New this evening...
How Miss West Was Won by Lexie Clark


Cordelia West, receptionist for The Incredible Western Life magazine, is shocked when her publisher suggests she pose as a mail-order bride for a story in his magazine. True, she'd always wanted to be a writer, but this was not exactly what she'd had in mind. Still, she agrees to the scheme, which includes a nice amount of money as an incentive.

Eli Bannister has sought a mail-order bride in name only to get himself out of a sticky situation. He doesn't want a bride now, or ever. Cordelia West is perfect for the job. All he has to do is stay "married" to her for a while and all his problems will disappear.

But things don't go as planned, and a woman who claims she was promised to Eli shows up and starts causing problems. Soon, Cordelia and Eli have a mystery to solve, one that involves strange happens in the world, and in Cordelia and Eli's hearts.

Will their marriage in name only turn into a love match? Or will one of them die before they can say I do?


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