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Cover Reveal: Discipline and Diana by Viola Morne

Release Day June 26th

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Beautiful Diana Sinclair can’t seem to land a husband, despite her best efforts. Her lack of a dowry isn’t helping. After Diana is jilted by her wealthy fiancé, her formidable mother, Lady Iverly, is running out of patience.

When Diana’s reputation is threatened after an indiscretion, she must marry in order to avoid a scandal. Her new husband is an Irishman named Declan Ralston. He is a former army officer and associate of that elite group of Wellington’s men known as the Cold Hearts.

Once wed, Diana still seems bent on destroying her good name--and Ralston’s in the process. When Ralston decides to take her in hand, Diana’s refuses to obey him. Her defiance infuriates Ralston, almost as much as her passions excite him.

Driven to extremes, Ralston must protect Diana from her own reckless behavior, and the unseen enemy determined to destroy her.


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Excerpt 1


"Of course." Snow stared at them. "What aren't you telling me?"

The major took his arm. "Why don't we go get a drink and we'll talk about it."

Snow shoved him away. "I don't want a fucking drink! I want to know what happened in London."

Ralston cleared his throat. "Mr. Frost followed the marquis to your house, my lord. By the time he arrived, the marquis had killed one of my agents, and wounded another, as well as your butler. They will both recover. He found the marquis threatening your wife and intervened."

The Earl of Snow blenched, as white as his namesake. "Isabelle was alone with that bastard."

"She held her own, my lord. Lady Snow defended herself until Mr. Frost stepped in and dispatched the marquis. He will trouble you no more."

"He's risen from a supposed death before."

"Not this time. Mr. Frost slit his throat. My agent verified the identity of the corpse."

 A muscle jumped in Snow's clenched jaw. "So I left my wife alone, undefended, to deal with a murderer? May God forgive me, because I don't think Isabelle ever will."



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