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New this weekend... Elise's Story by Lauren Beaumont

New this weekend...
Elise's Story by Lauren Beaumont


Elise is at a crossroads. She is torn between her adventurous career, roaming the world with her camera as a freelance photojournalist, and the opportunity to be a full-time editor at a major magazine in London where she could be close to her three sisters again. More than that, she is lonely. She has developed independence to a whole new level, but she can't help feel a bit envious of the relationships that her sisters have found with their loving, dominant, protective old-fashioned partners.


When she sets out to the Canadian frontier to photograph wolves and polar bears, her brother-in-law Tom asks a former military buddy of his to keep an eye on her. She balks at it initially, but soon learns just how nice it is to have someone to depend on, someone to care about her, even when that someone turns her over his knee for a spanking! She isn't angry with him about the spanking, only that her own negligence had deemed it necessary in the first place.


The one flaw in their budding relationship is her own insecurity. She'd been in an abusive situation before, and doesn't trust her judgment. She has been on her own for so long, can she let Max in? Or will her need for independence force him away?


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