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#A2Z “J” is for July, Christmas in July at Crystal’s Many Reviewers


Crystal’s Many Reviewers is hosting us for Christmas in July. Mark you calendars and watch for the reviews. Hop over their to show your favorite authors love and support.

Here is our line-up:

2 JulChristmas Joy by Patty Devlin

9 JulOn A Midnight Clear by PS Cassidy

15 JulOld Fashioned Christmas, by Nikkie Flynn

23 JulHoliday Heat by April Hill

30 JulRanch Christmas by Starla Kaye



2 JulChristmas Joy by Patty Devlin

thumb_2615_edca_christmasjoy150X225-72dpiJoy hitches a ride headed to the Double R ranch looking for work. She is desperate to find a place to stay before the snow flies; however, she isn’t prepared for feelings the large, sexy and entirely dominant man, who finds her, stirs up deep inside her. Living on the road has been hard and with her past, she should stay and beg for the job. But running is easier than dealing with her fears and these new feelings, isn’t it?

Nick is used to being in charge, after all he has been the one taking care of his brothers for years. He knows just what Joy needs – and he’s more than willing to put her over his knee and give it to her. Nick is also used to people leaving. He is not used to having a chance to change it. Can he find her, convince her to trust him, and bring her back? Will Nick be able to bring Joy into his home and his heart, and keep her there – for good, not just for Christmas?


9 JulOn A Midnight Clear by PS Cassidy

midnightclearbigOn A Midnight Clear is a holiday companion piece to Rebekah’s Winter. While Rebekah Boyce was enduring the hard winter of 1777, at Valley Forge, under the strict tutelage of Captain Wallace Adair, about twenty miles away, Charlotte Brooks, one of three daughters of a wealthy Tory family, is having her own personal struggle.

While all Charlotte wants to do is celebrate the holidays with her family like they used to do, she is caught between her loyalties to the Crown that was so good to her and her family and her brother’s Patriot sympathies. The problem is compounded for Harlan Hunter Brooks, Charlotte’s father, who is in the impossible position of choosing sides between his loyalties to the King, his hotheaded son, and his headstrong daughter.

Charlotte’s suitor, Thaddeus Byrd, promises her father that he will properly deal with his daughter. Thaddeus is also on the fence about the conflict. But when he sees what is happening to the woman he loves, his mind is made up for him. With Tadd’s discipline and guidance, the couple must still must go down a long road, including a midnight journey on Christmas Eve , before they can properly celebrate the holidays.



15 JulOld Fashioned Christmas, by Nikkie Flynn

thumb_2608_oldfasionednew150x225Melissa Mitchell is going to be alone at the holidays, at least until her new friend Terri Coleman takes pity and invites her to the family home in rural North Carolina for an old-fashioned family Christmas. It sounds wonderful, and to top it all off, Terri has a single and very eligible brother, Richmond police detective Joe Coleman.

Then Terri drops her bombshell: the Coleman family is old-fashioned in more ways that one, and Terri has recently fallen afoul of her brother, who took care of the situation in the time-honored way. Could it happen again? There are issues unresolved between Terri and her brother, and Terri feels she needs to warn Melissa that no-nonsense Joe just might resort to spanking if he thought the situation warranted it. And that’s not all: Terri’s other brother and his wife are in a domestic discipline relationship, and are very open about it.

As irritated as Melissa is that Terri has dragged her into family drama, Melissa also has a secret of her own: she’s been fascinated with tales of old-fashioned over-the-knee-discipline forever, and the idea that that could occur in real life seems too much to believe. At first, the holiday celebration couldn’t be better. Melissa and Joe feel an instant attraction, fueled by the fact that Joe quickly figures out that Melissa’s interest in what had recently happened to Terri goes beyond mere concern for her friend.

But Melissa has another secret, a dark terrifying reality from her past. Just when she feels the most safe, through an innocent mistake, the secret is revealed endangering everyone in the family. And Joe will do anything to protect his family. . .



23 JulHoliday Heat by April Hill

thumb_2609_homeholiday150x225Nine heart warming, bottom warming stories for the holiday season. From Labor Day to New Year’s,each of these well-meaning but sometimes overzealous heroines manage to get themselves into in hot water, and over the manly knee of her own exasperated alpha male hero.

Whether she’s trying to liberate a luckless Thanksgiving turkey, or avenging her kid’s smashed Halloween pumpkins, things just never seem to go right for these ladies, leaving them to face the kind of justice that’s best delivered with a hand, a belt or a wooden hairbrush.



30 JulRanch Christmas by Starla Kaye



detail_506_sk03_detailBah, Humbug Cowboy
Lacey McAdams had returned home unexpectedly during an early December snowstorm after being gone longer than she’d planned. To her horror, she found her handsome husband with his arms around her best friend, kissing her. Her world shattered. When he’d miserably tried to explain that they’d been worried about her and had only sought comfort in a stupid moment, she refused to listen to him. In her heart, she believed him. But she wasn’t sure she could ever forgive either of them, or forgive herself for being away from home so often and so long. Maybe their marriage just wasn’t meant to be.

Devlin had been horrified to discover his arms around another woman, kissing her when his precious wife walked into their kitchen. He’d missed her so damn much. He’d never meant to touch her friend. There always had been and always would be only one woman for him, his fiery Lacey Jane. Numbness spread through him when she wouldn’t accept his gut-deep apology, when she drove away from him into the snowstorm. This could not be the end of them. He would do whatever necessary to make things right again. Trouble was his wife could be pretty stubborn at times, unreasonable, too. But she’d accept his apology and his forever kind of love, even if he had to burn her butt to make her think clearly. And he aimed to have her back with him permanently by Christmas.

Mistletoe and Holly
Holly Peterson had been humiliated a year ago on Christmas Eve by her ex-fiance, who considered her only a “passable” choice as a wife-while intending to keep his lover on the side. El Jerko had seen her as a playbunny with no real brains. True, she was a woman who flitted from job to job and never took life seriously, until that moment… until she tossed the ring back in his face. She walked away that night; certain she’d never love again, and never celebrate Christmas again.

Brandon McNamara was in desperate need of a highly skilled personal assistant to replace the one who’d eloped and moved without giving notice. He needed someone prepared to work with a successful, demanding businessman like him. Someone to come in and immediately handle the planning details of the company’s annual Christmas party. Holly was in no way qualified, but there was just something about the spirited young woman who had him hiring her. He did warn her that he expected a lot of hard work from her. As sanity hit him that he’d just hired the totally wrong person for the job, he added that there would be serious consequences should she not obey and comply with all of his orders. He hadn’t exactly said he meant spanking, but he did. She took the job anyway… heaven help them both.

Santa Wears Spurs
Roxie Evans had left California, her wealthy but distant family, and a former fiance, who’d turned out to be Very Mr. Wrong. She’d moved halfway across the country to begin a new life as a librarian and try to find a happily-ever-after kind of man. What she found was a cowboy with a reputation as the best sweet-talker in the state. They had nothing in common, except an attraction that took them both by surprise. When he approached her to be Santa’s helper this year at the ranchers association’s Christmas party, she’d teased him about what he was prepared to offer her in exchange for saying yes. He mentioned several possible enticements: one was taking her over his knee and encouraging her agreement by warming her bottom; another was offering to be her love slave. Both suggestions were not really serious ones. Until Roxie decided to call his bluff and accepted the love slave offer, thinking her acceptance not serious either. But as it turned out, he was serious.

Love slave? Well, hell, who was he to turn down such an opportunity! Dexter Malone could certainly do his civic duty by acting as Santa, and as offering his body to the pretty new woman in town. ‘Course he figured they’d really only have a night or two of some mutually agreed upon fun. Then he’d go his way, as usual, and she would go hers. He sure hadn’t counted on losing his heart to a woman who enjoyed sex, sensual fun, and a playful spanking as much as he did. He also hadn’t counted on having to spank her for real.

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