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The Green Card by Kate Bantam

How far would you go to escape a life of quiet desperation?

When Mandy is offered a marriage arranged solely to keep a British citizen from losing his US work visa, she is faced with that very decision.
Her prospective husband, Matthew, is good looking and has a good income, but his expectations of a wife seem very old-fashioned indeed to Mandy, as does the way he intends to encourage her to live up to those expectations.
He is very open about the rules she must follow, as well as the consequences for her if she fails to do so. But he also offers the life change Mandy has been longing for, and she is young and bold enough that she is sure she can handle the challenge while still retaining her freedom.
However, neither is quite prepared for the difficulties of melding two strangers from very different walks of life into a cohesive married couple. And Mandy is definitely unprepared for the more physical difficulties she undergoes over Matthew's lap while he reminds her, with a hard hand on her bottom, that his rules are meant to be obeyed.
Still, Matthew manages to stay on course and teach his new and very inexperienced wife that discipline works best when tempered with large doses of love.
Publisher's Note: The Green Card includes depictions of adult, consensual spanking, as well as adult sexual behavior. If such subject matter is not to your taste, please read no further.




Enjoy this free preview of The Green Card:
Chapter One
It was very unusual for Mandy Lessing to be late for anything. Being late gave her anxiety. The morning Mandy was supposed to meet Carly, her mother had promised to drive her, but first she had to finish her make-up, then she had to make a phone call, then she remembered she had to go across town, so it would actually be inconvenient for her to bring Mandy to meet Carly, so Mandy had taken that as her hint to volunteer to walk. So when Mandy finally made it to Crumpet, the café where Carly had told her to meet her, Mandy was not only fifteen minutes late, she was anxious, exhausted, and sweating from the mile-and-a-half walk in the North Carolina humidity.
"You look like hell," came a voice that instantly caused a smile to spread across Mandy's sweaty face.
"Carly!" Mandy said, running and wrapping her arms around the taller woman.
"You're lucky I love you, little sister, otherwise I wouldn't hug you when you're so gross." Carly's voice was gentle in its teasing, and she stood hugging Mandy tightly for several moments, each soaking in the warmth of the other.
"It's been too long," Mandy said.
"Way too long."
 When they finally pulled apart, Carly tucked a piece of Mandy's hair behind her ear and shook her head. "Please tell me you didn't walk here."
Mandy shrugged. "It's no big deal."
"Why didn't you call me? I would have picked you up!"
"It wasn't worth bothering you. But I'm sorry I'm late," Mandy said.
Carly waved her hand. "I only just got here. Are you hungry?"
Carly smiled. "As always. Come on, let's go in."
The café was painted in pastels with little accents everywhere, which made it the ideal brunch spot for women who wanted to chat over coffee and whole-grain pancakes they could pretend were healthy, which was just what Mandy and Carly intended to do.
Carly and Mandy were not really sisters, but they considered biology a technicality. Carly was three years older than Mandy. She had been volunteering as a mentor for the church youth program and had been assigned to be Mandy's Big Sister. The two had immediately formed a close bond, and Mandy considered Carly to be truer family than those she actually shared a last name with. As soon as they had been paired at church, Mandy had become Carly's little shadow, cheering her on at track meets, proudly wearing her hand-me-downs, and jumping up and down with her when Carly got accepted to college in New York City. She had cried for days after Carly left for New York, and lived for their regular video calls. She was maid of honor at Carly and David's wedding, even though she had secretly worried about her friend getting married so quickly and so young, but Carly seemed so happy that Mandy kept her mouth shut.
Almost a year had passed since the wedding. Carly was still her sweet and caring self, but her video chats with Mandy had suddenly gone from four times a week to once or twice, and Carly always signed off right at ten pm, no matter what they were discussing. Mandy tried to be understanding of the fact that marriage was hard and Carly had to pay attention to her husband, but Mandy missed her sister. This was Carly's first trip back home since the wedding, and though Mandy was thrilled to have some time together, she was a little concerned Carly was about to tell her she was dying or something, since Carly had been so insistent they have brunch the first morning of Carly's trip.
The moment the waitress walked away, Carly placed her hands on the table. "So," she said, but then paused.
"So?" Mandy said, trying not to let her voice show her anxiety.
"I need to talk to you about something."
"Okay." Mandy braced herself to hear news of some terrible diagnosis, or upcoming move to China, or a realization that she no longer wanted anything to do with Mandy. The seconds it took for Carly to speak again were agonizing, and just when Mandy was about to shake Carly and demand she spill whatever it was she was trying to say, Carly spoke again.
"Do you remember Matthew Arden from the wedding? He was one of the groomsmen."
"Not ringing a bell."
"You met him; he was the only guy there taller than David. He has light brown hair. He was the one who tied David's brother's tie for him."
"Oh, the British guy!" Mandy said, now remembering the English accent scolding David's younger brother for not being able to tie a tie properly.
"Right, the British guy! You remember him, right?"
"Yeah, I met him when we were taking the pictures, but I only said, like, five words to him. Why?"
"Well, you know, he's from England."
"Yeah, I figured, since he has a British accent," Mandy said, with a laugh in her voice.
"So, he's not American."
"Funny how that works, huh?" Mandy said, getting frustrated that it was taking so long to get to the point. "Carly, what is going on?"
Carly sighed. "Look, Matthew's been living in America for, like, ten years. He came here for school, then stayed for grad school, and then he was working here. And it's always been fine, only now, it's not. And he's been told he needs to leave the country in, like, a month, unless he can find a reason to stay."
"A reason like a wife?"
"A wife who is a US citizen, yeah. And who would be willing to get married, and move to New York. Soon."
"And you thought of me?"
"Well, yeah! You're my best friend; Matthew is David's best friend. It's perfect!"
Mandy went over this in her mind. "You're trying to set me up as some kind of mail-order-bride and the best explanation you can offer is that I'm your best friend?"
Carly bit her bottom lip, which Mandy knew well meant she was nervous. "Well, there are certain elements of my marriage to David that Matthew wants in his own marriage, so he's looking for a girl who would be open to that, and that's really why I thought of you."
"What kind of elements?"
"It's rather traditional, let's put it that way. Old fashioned." Carly spoke slowly, as though hand picking each word.
"What does that mean?" Mandy asked incredulously.
"It just means he wears the pants. It's not that I don't have a say, but at the end of the day, he's the head of the family, and I accept that. He makes certain rules and if I break them, I get-" She paused for a second before continuing. "Punished."
Mandy gave Carly a confused look as the waitress set plates of beautifully decorated pancakes in front of each of them. Once she was gone, Mandy's eyebrows shot back up.
"Yeah. I mean, it's not like he beats the crap out of me or anything," Carly said, as she cut her food.
"So what does it mean?"
Carly sighed, and lowered her voice. "He spanks me."
Mandy gave her head a slight shake. "Excuse me?"
"He spanks me."
"You mean, like, one little smack on the ass?"
Carly took a breath. "I mean he pulls me over his lap and he spanks me."
"And you let him?" Mandy asked, trying to match Carly's hushed tone, which was difficult, given her surprise.
Carly nodded. "I do. I like it. I mean, I hate it, in the moment, but ultimately, I like it."
"Is it, like, a sex thing?"
Carly let out a short laugh at this. "No. It's not. It's intimate, but it's not about sex. It's a punishment, and I definitely don't feel sexy when I'm over his lap being spanked for breaking a rule or something."
Mandy furrowed her eyebrows. "So why do you put up with it?"
"Because ultimately, I love it. I signed on for this and I know this is what I want. I know our marriage is stronger for it. I know I'm a better person for it. I feel so secure with David. We don't fight. No one threatens to leave. Issues don't simmer. No one throws tantrums or freezes the other out. When something comes up, we deal with it. We are accountable to each other, we are open and honest, and we communicate all the damn time," she said, laughing as she spoke the last sentence. "It's annoying how much he insists on communication! But no matter what comes up, we talk it out. There's no running from each other, no storming out, just talking, dealing with stuff, and yes, some spanking."
"But doesn't it hurt?"
"It doesn't tickle!" Carly laughed, which made Mandy smile in response. "Yeah, it hurts. But it's also so comforting to know that I can push him and he won't cave or let me do something to hurt me or him or our relationship. And it's sexy as hell to know that he is protecting our marriage like that."
"Do you spank him?" Mandy asked, trying to make sense of it all.
Carly laughed. "Oh, definitely not. Have you seen my husband? He's huge." Mandy laughed at the mental image of her petite friend trying to hold the six-two David over her lap. "But he holds himself to a higher standard because he's head of the household, and he doesn't take that lightly. When he screws up, he owns it, and he does what he can to make it right."
Mandy thought it over for a few seconds. She had to admit it sounded really nice-not so much the getting spanked part, but the rest of it. And she couldn't truthfully say she hadn't indulged in her own fantasies and Internet perusals of similar subjects. "And Matthew wants this, too?"
Carly nodded. "He does."
"So why did you think of me?"
"Because I know you," Carly said. "You're my sister, and I know that you want to be taken care of. I know you need someone to protect you. And I really think this would be good for you."
Mandy nodded as she tried to digest everything. "Oh," was all she could say, and she busied herself with drowning her pancakes in syrup.
"He's coming for dinner tomorrow night. If you say no, it's fine. The boys will just have a shoptalk dinner, and I'll pretend to be interested. But if you're open to it, you'll come, too." Carly said. "Dinner is at seven. You have until then to decide."
Mandy shook her head. "I don't need until then."
"Oh," Carly said, looking down at her food and picking her fork and knife back up. "Okay, I get it. Don't worry about it. I really don't know what-"
Mandy put her hand on top of Carly's to stop her. "I'm in."
It had been a long time since Carly had last gotten to play Beauty Parlor with Mandy, but as soon as she picked Mandy up the next day, she seemed determined to make up for lost time. She instantly dismissed the clothes Mandy had brought as "rejects from the Wal-Mart Geriatric Collection of 1972" and threatened to burn them. She drove them to a nearby department store and told Mandy she was not interested in her opinions, and since she was buying, Mandy had no say.
To anyone else, the bossiness might have seemed harsh, but it made Mandy smile from ear to ear. This was Carly showing love; she was taking charge, helping Mandy, and giving Mandy her undivided attention. She wouldn't let Mandy argue her way out of a certain dress, because she knew Mandy would only point out every flaw she imagined herself having. Carly saw her with Big Sister eyes, and was determined to bring out the strong, beautiful woman lying dormant beneath the layers of stress, exhaustion, and loneliness.
At six-fifteen they heard the door to the hotel room open, just as Carly was trying to decide which earrings Mandy should wear.
"Babe, is that you?" Carly called.
"Excuse me?" came the reply of a man's voice.
"Oh, crap," Carly said, and she quickly handed Mandy the three earrings she had been holding as she deliberated. "Try the green and the pink, and I'll come check. Stay here!"
She was gone from the room before Mandy could ask what was going on. Mandy laughed as she put one of each earring set on each earlobe, and tried to eavesdrop, as was a best friend's duty.
She definitely heard Carly saying hi and was pretty sure she recognized David's voice. But then she thought she heard a whimper, and what she was almost certain was the sound of a smack, but not on flesh-on clothing, maybe? And then another whimper. And then some muffled talking she couldn't quite make out.
Mandy was tempted to poke her head out, but she heard footsteps, and then Carly saying, "Five minutes! Ten, tops!" as she came back into the bedroom.
"What's going on?" Mandy asked, as soon as Carly had closed the door.
"Dave's back. I told him I was dressing you, but we have to hurry."
"Lady, I have been ready for the last hour. You're the one who keeps changing her mind about my accessories!" Mandy said with a pointed look.
Carly laughed. "Fine. The green ones bring out your eyes. Now I have to change." She had been doing her makeup while Mandy blew out her hair, so all that was left was for Carly to put on her own dress. "Do you like the red long one or the blue short one?" She held both up for Mandy to see.
"The blue."
"I think I should revisit the purple." She tossed both dresses she had been holding on the bed and went back to the closet.
"I have to look my best!" Carly said, as she hurriedly slipped out of the jeans and top she'd been wearing while doing Mandy's make-over.
"What for? You're already married," Mandy said, as she reapplied her own lipstick.
"Yeah, but I may need to bribe my way out of a spanking later. Patience isn't my husband's strong suit," she said with a smile.
As if on cue, David's voice came through the door. "Carly Jane, this is your two-minute warning."
"I get it; we're coming!" Carly called back, and she took hold of her hair, and walked over to Mandy. "Quick, zip me up!"
"That won't be necessary," said David, as he came into the room. "Hello, Mandy. It's lovely to see you again."
"Hi, David," Mandy said, smiling up at him.
She had always liked David. He was kind and spoke to her like an adult. And though Mandy still resented him for taking her best friend away from her, she had to admit that David had been good for Carly. She'd never seen Carly with such a sparkle in her eye.
"Mandy, I hate to ask, but could you excuse us for a minute?" David asked in a gentle but firm tone. "We need to have a quick discussion, but we'll be right out,"
"Oh, of course. Should I wait in the living room?"
"Please," David said, giving her a small nod. "And do me a favor and turn on the news. I want to know if we should bring an umbrella tonight, and I don't trust my weather app."
Mandy suspected she knew what was about to happen, and she wanted to stay and protect Carly, but David Sampson had a certain air about him that made one just know not to argue with him. Mandy went out to wait in the living room, but caught sight of herself in the mirror on the back of the front door to the suite. She was not a vain person, but she hadn't had a chance to get a good look at Carly's finished product, so she couldn't help herself as she went to gaze at her own reflection.
She was actually a bit mesmerized. The black dress Carly had picked out fit her perfectly, accentuating her slim waist and hitting just at the knee. It was modest and sweet, but still form-fitting and flattering. The heels showed off legs that were strong from years of walking everywhere, and Mandy noticed that Carly had been right-the green earrings brought out the flecks of green in her eyes. She looked and felt beautiful for the first time in a long while.
She was pulled out of her reverie by the sound of a hard smack falling. It was unmistakable this time. She heard Carly cry out, and Mandy gasped. Before she had even exhaled, she heard the sound again and again. Mandy stood, torn between wanting to run and push David away from her big sister, and-though she would never admit it-wanting to poke her head in to get a better look. She couldn't explain it, but some part of her desperately craved that kind of connection, and Mandy felt equal parts pain and envy for her sister.
But soon the sounds of flesh meeting flesh and crying stopped, and were replaced by sounds of kisses and muffled soft words. Mandy stood at the door, not knowing what to do, until she heard footsteps from the other side coming closer.
"Crap!" She whispered, and ran over to the couch, but her high heel snagged on the carpet and she found herself landing face down on the floor with a loud thud.
"Are you all right?" David asked, standing over her.
"I, um, yeah, I'm fine," Mandy stammered out.
David stooped down. "Are you sure? Here, let me help you up." With a hand on her back, he eased her up to sit. "Don't stand yet. Let me have a look at you. Shoot, I think your elbow's scratched."
"Oh, shit. I think I smacked it on the edge of the coffee table."
David gave her a stern look. "Don't swear."
"It's all right. Let's get you cleaned up." David eased her onto her feet and led her to the couch. "I'm going to get you some ice," he said, heading over to the bathroom and running the tap.
Mandy cursed her klutziness and rubbed her sore elbow. She was lucky the dress wasn't torn. Carly would have killed her if it had been.
"So what's the forecast?" David asked, walking back over to her.
Mandy's eyes went wide. She had no idea.
David smiled as he sat beside her on the couch and applied the damp cloth to her arm. "Cloudy with a chance of eavesdropping?"
"I wasn't-" Mandy began, but David raised his eyebrows.
"Please do not insult my intelligence by lying." His voice wasn't angry, just matter-of-fact. "It's probably for the best, anyway. I'm sure you're curious, after what Carly told you." David released Mandy's arm, the small bit of blood now wiped away, and the memory of his grip confirming that he was not a man to be messed with. It was intimidating, but alluring. David stood, and went to the bedroom door. "Sweetheart, are you about ready?"
Mandy heard a muffled reply, and then Carly emerged in the purple dress. Her eyes were a bit red and shiny, but her make-up was still flawless, and Mandy realized she needed to stop rolling her eyes when Carly made a big deal about only using waterproof make-up. Clearly, it was working.
David took Carly's hand and led her to the couch where he sat and guided his wife to sit on his lap. He kept an arm wrapped around her waist, and she leaned against him.
"So, Miss Mandy, I'm sure you've got questions. Let's hear them," David said, giving her a gentle smile.
Mandy stared at them both. They were clearly so at peace with one another, but Mandy couldn't forget the sounds of smacks and cries she had heard only moments before. She had many questions, but none of them seemed to be able to find their way to her lips.
Finally, she looked at Carly and asked, "Are you okay?"
Carly nodded. "I'm all right. I may not enjoy sitting at dinner, but I'm okay."
David lifted his head to place a soft kiss on Carly's cheek, then looked back at Mandy. "Do you understand what just happened?"
"I guess so. You spanked her, right?" Mandy asked.
David nodded. "I did. Carly has a problem with time management and with her attitude when she is rushing."
Mandy couldn't help smiling at this. She had learned long ago to tell Carly things were scheduled at least fifteen minutes before they actually were, in hopes Carly would then have a chance of being close to on time.
David smiled, as well, as though reading Mandy's thoughts, but then continued. "She was told to be ready by six-fifteen this evening. She was not. I gave her a warning. She continued to dawdle, and she was snippy with me. She went over my knee. She is not seriously injured, she just has a nice red bottom to sit on through dinner to remind her to respect others and their time and do as she is told. Isn't that right, Carly Jane?" he asked, rubbing Carly's back.
"Yes sir." Carly said quietly.
"And tonight, Carly will be getting another spanking for her tardiness, as I already promised her, because this is a repeat issue, and thus deserving of a harsher consequence." Carly let out a small whine as David spoke, but he simply patted her thigh and went on. "She won't be happy, but she will be all right, and she will sleep soundly in my arms." David spoke as though explaining the simplest way to drive to the restaurant, seemingly oblivious to Carly's bright red face, or Mandy's bewildered facial expression. "Now, I'm sure you ladies would like to speak, so I'm going to change. We leave at six-thirty sharp!" He patted Carly's thigh again and helped her to sit on the couch, and then walked back into the bedroom.
As soon as he was gone, Mandy turned to Carly and spoke in a worried, rushed whisper. "Oh Carly, I'm so sorry, you poor thing!" She wrapped her arms tight around the taller woman's neck.
Carly returned the hug, but shook her head.
"I'm all right, Manda, I really am."
Mandy pulled back and looked her sister squarely in the face. "But how can you possibly be all right? He hit you!"
"No, he didn't." Carly smiled sweetly. "He spanked me. But I knew I had it coming and we agreed a long time ago that I needed to work on being on time and not dawdling. If I had really thought it was unfair, I would have said so, and it would have stopped. We both agree to this."
"But-but why? I know you've been crying, and that sounded awful," Mandy said. Carly didn't cry easily, so it scared Mandy to see this in her eyes.
"I'm crying because he spanks really hard, and it hurts! And because I'm embarrassed because this is admittedly weird. I don't love having a spanking overheard by my best friend. And in the moment, no; I don't want it and I'm not happy about being spanked. But I know this is what I want. Like I said before, this is good for us. We have a rock-solid marriage, because we communicate and we're accountable to each other. We make each other better and we are as close as can be." Carly spoke with joy evident in her voice, and Mandy had to admit she genuinely seemed happy. "It's not for everyone, Mandy, and if it's not for you, that's okay. If you want to back out, I understand," she said, giving Mandy her patent big-sister smile.
Mandy glanced at the clock. Six forty-two. She looked back at Carly and saw the sparkle in her eye, the smile on her face, and the peaceful glow that was so apparent in her countenance and hadn't been there before David came into the picture. Mandy held out her hand to her sister, took a breath and said, "Let's do this."

Little Conspiracy by Lucy Wild

An innocent governess. A disgraced Lord. A dark secret. 

Vanessa White has never met her benefactor but when his regular monthly payments to her landlord abruptly stop, she is thrown out of her house and left destitute. Offered a place at a private school, Vanessa accepts but when she arrives, she discovers she must enroll as one of the headmaster's littles and accept whatever disciplinary measures the establishment sees fit.
When Nathaniel Crow finds Vanessa waiting for him at his school, it only takes one look at her innocent beauty for him to fall for her, an action that soon threatens to destroy them both.
When a stranger returns to claim Vanessa and ruin Nathaniel, he finds himself forced to take extreme measures to keep his little girl safe, whether she wants him to or not.
DISCLAIMER: This book includes the spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes including anal play, and elements of age-play and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.




Enjoy this free preview of Little Conspiracy:
Chapter One
York, 1868
Vanessa White awoke to the sound of hammering on her front door. Whoever it was sounded angry, their ferocious knocking echoing inside her skull as she climbed reluctantly out of bed. "All right," she muttered. "I'm coming."
"I know you're in there," a man's voice shouted up through the letterbox. "Get down here, Miss White."
Fear rose up in Vanessa's stomach. It was the voice she least liked to hear, that of her landlord. Frantically, she dressed, still tying up her hair as she ran downstairs.
"Mr. Woodhouse," Vanessa said with a smile as she pulled open the door. "What can I do for you?"
"Do not attempt to talk your way out of this one, Miss White. Two months to the day. I have come to take back my house."
"I can explain. My benefactor's payments have not been forthcoming this month-"
"Or last month."
"Quite. But I have had assurances that the money will be with me shortly. I just need a little time, that's all."
"There is always an excuse with you people."
"What do you mean by 'you people,' Mr. Woodhouse? Is there something about me that offends you?"
"It is your lack of payment that offends me, Miss White. I should never have let to someone so young, this is what I get for dealing with children."
"I am twenty years old, Mr. Woodhouse, I am no more a child than you are."
Mr. Woodhouse grunted before shaking his head. "No, you are not a child. You are an adult and you have a responsibility to ensure your rent is paid. You have not paid so I am here to take possession and that is an end to the matter."
"But, Mr. Woodhouse, I need only a little more time. I am certain my benefactor will make good the money you are owed, if you would only grant me another week." She took his hands in hers, her eyes widening as she looked up at him. "Please."
Snatching his hands away, Mr. Woodhouse shook his head again. "Do not use that look on me, it was that look that made me give you this place against my better judgment and on a monthly rental instead of an annual term. I was a fool to trust you."
"Please. A little more time."
"You have the length of time it takes me to empty your belongings onto the street."
"You wouldn't, not to an innocent woman?"
"Innocent, my foot! You want something for nothing, same as everyone else in this city." He pushed past her, slamming the door shut behind him, leaving Vanessa out on the street.
She tried the door but it was already locked. "You can't do this to me!" she shouted through the letterbox. "I demand you let me in." Her voice began to falter, "I have nowhere else to go."
"Then I suggest you go and see your benefactor," Mr. Woodhouse shouted back through the door.
"Get me my money."
"I do not know where he lives. I have never dealt with him personally."
"Well, isn't that convenient? Here." The landlord's hand emerged from the letterbox, thrusting out an envelope.
"What's this?"
"Your payments came from that address. I suggest you make haste to pay them a visit, Miss White. My patience with your excuses is at an end."
Vanessa tore open the envelope. In her landlord's poor handwriting the letters were hard to decipher but eventually she was able to read:
10 Micklegate
So that was where he lived, a mere few streets away from her. All this time he had lived so close to her and yet she knew nothing of him, not even what he looked like. When the letter had first arrived at her single garret room, informing her that he would pay for any house she chose, that all bills incurred would be paid by him, it had seemed too good to be true. Yet how quickly she had become used to having her every extravagance funded by her anonymous benefactor.
She had spent readily and easily once the first few bills were paid. She did not know how he was able to ascertain to whom she owed money at any given time but whoever she bought from, no receipts were ever issued, no bills of sale given, yet the accounts were always settled by the next time an urge to spend struck her.
As she walked through the streets towards Micklegate, she began to ponder. She had not once thought about the oddity of her bills being paid by someone she'd never met. Why had she taken for granted that her rent would be paid without fail? Why had it never occurred to her to have a contingency plan for this eventuality? All good things came to an end, she knew that. Yet she had wilfully ignored it, and now here it was biting her on the behind. She was to be made homeless if she did not secure two month's rent from whoever was waiting for her at 10 Micklegate.
Crossing the road, she passed under the arch of the medieval walls and down the cobbled hill, clutching the envelope tightly in her hand whilst wondering who might be waiting for her there. She stopped outside number ten, surprised to find herself looking at the tall glass windows of an office rather than a house. It was part of a terraced row of tidy Georgian houses and stood out as the only commercial premises amongst the fine properties that surrounded it.
Taking a deep breath, she pushed open the door and stepped inside. From behind a desk, an elderly gentleman in a dark blue suit looked up from his ledger. "Good morning," he said, inclining his head slightly as he rose to his feet. "May I help you?"
"I hope so," Vanessa replied, taking a tentative step towards him. "This may sound strange but I was told this was the address of my benefactor."
"Your benefactor? Forgive me, my dear, but this is merely an administration office. Perhaps you have been given the wrong address?"
"This is 10 Micklegate, is it not?"
"Yes, but I do not think I can help you."
"Perhaps it is someone else working here whom I seek. My name is Vanessa White; does that mean anything to you?"
"I am afraid not. Now if you don't mind, I'm rather busy this morning." He began ushering her towards the door.
"You must help me," Vanessa replied, digging her heels into the rug at her feet. "For the last two years, all my bills have been paid by whoever runs this place but now they have stopped and my landlord has thrown me out of my house. I was given this address. Please, I have nowhere else to go. I beg you to help me."
The man sighed. "Wait here a moment, would you?" He vanished through a door in the back wall of the office.
Vanessa paced up and down in front of the windows, waiting for him to return. What if he came back and said no, what if she had been given the wrong address, what if this was just a cruel trick her landlord was playing on her? What then, homeless once more, back on the streets she thought she'd left behind forever? She shuddered at the very idea, taking a lock of her hair in her hand and twirling it round her finger at an ever increasing speed.
The door opened so suddenly it made her jump. She looked across to see the old man holding a sheaf of papers, smiling up at her. "You are in luck, Miss White. I have looked into the paperwork and your benefactor does exist."
"Wonderful, where is he?"
"He is not here but I believe you may find him at his school. You are welcome to visit and find out for yourself if you wish."
"A school? But my landlord is currently tossing my possessions out onto the street! Could you not lend me the money yourself?"
"That I cannot do. I can give you the address of his school, nothing more. Anything else is up to you."

Unlocking Her Desire by Aurie Jameson

Unlocking Her Desire by Aurie Jameson

Anna is a mildly antisocial medical student, but not because she wants to be. She's new in town, stressed, and hoping to get settled in her apartment before classes begin. On a trip to town, a handsome stranger and good Samaritan, Allen, accidentally locks her out of her car.
Frustrated, Anna vows never to have anything to do with him again. Fate steps in, however, and she finds herself running into him on a daily basis. He appears to always show up where she happens to be. The fact that he lives down the hall doesn't help matters. A spark seems to be igniting between them, but that doesn't mean she's going to make it easy for him.
When the two start to date exclusively, Allen quickly learns that Anna, despite her workaholic attitude, is a feisty young woman with a temper to match. He is quick to firmly introduce her to the world of domestic discipline. Anna soon realizes it's much more than she anticipated.
Does their new relationship grow and flourish? Will Anna be able to accept and enjoy Allen's relationship ideals, or will it just be one more thing to add to her already hectic, stressful schedule?
Publisher's Note: This book contains spanking of adult women as a form of domestic discipline, as well as explicit sexual scenes. If these themes offend you, please do not purchase.




Enjoy this free Preview of Unlocking Her Desire:
This was why I hated the outside world.
I straightened as much as was possible with the painful ache in my back. My toes screamed out in protest as I settled all my weight onto them to gaze out over the huge campsite.
I was lost. I had no one to blame but myself. Well, myself and my adamant cousins who practically forced me to come. I was going away to southern California to start medical school in just a couple short days. I was terrified and excited. My cousins decided that it was the perfect way to guilt me into going camping with them for the weekend since I wouldn't be seeing them again for several months.
We were hiking on our last day in the mountains, and I was exhausted. It was a little too much for me physically, so about two hours into the hike I told my cousins to go on ahead of me while I rested for a few minutes. Naturally, after eating one of the granola bars I packed and waiting for my headache to go away, I stood up only to find that I had no way of figuring out which way my cousins had gone. I finally decided that the best idea was to go back to camp and wait for them there.
I headed back down the mountain, tired and more than a little thirsty. My feet hurt, and since they were both left feet, they forced me to trip over every other root that got in my path. The birds chirping in the trees sounded like they were mocking me, but I ignored them.
I froze after about twenty minutes of walking when I realized that nothing looked familiar to me. As I tried to gain my bearings, the world around me seemed to spin as panic settled in, further disorienting me. My heart rate doubled as I forced myself to take deep breaths.
I was just about to turn to go back the way I had come, hoping to run into my cousins on their way back down the mountain, when I heard the faintest sound of laughter in the distance. I spun around in the direction of the sound before sprinting toward it.
Naturally, my foot got caught on something and due to the momentum I already built up from running, I flew forward into some bushes before landing hard on my stomach.
"Hey, you okay?"
I lifted my head from off the ground and looked up. A young woman, probably just a couple years older than I was, stood before me. I blinked when I realized that she was wearing a cat-ear headband and an extremely short baby blue dress. From my spot on the ground, I could practically see her underwear. I quickly averted my eyes with a blush.
"Y-Yeah, I'm fine!" I sputtered quickly, leaping to my feet. I froze as I took in my surroundings. A huge Victorian style mansion stood proudly before me. It was a strange location for a home, surrounded by trees as if it was meant to be hidden. Dozens of people were milling around the front, all men and women in strange outfits. Many of the women were dressed as animals. Almost all of them had extremely short dresses. Many of the men were dressed in ordinary street clothing, there were some cowboys, doctors, and businessmen walking around as well. Round tables with white tablecloths dotted the vast courtyard in front. People were drinking from wine glasses and talking amongst each other while others danced to upbeat music, grinding against one another.
"Oh good! I'm glad!" the girl went on. She brushed some of her short black hair away from her large doe eyes. "I looked over and saw you on the ground! I like your costume by the way! Are you supposed to be a naughty park ranger or something?"
I blushed, glancing down at my short camo shorts and fishing vest.
"There you are!" a deep voice boomed before I could answer. Both the girl and I looked towards it in alarm. A man, with dark hair, was stomping toward us. He was wearing a white lab coat with dark jeans.
"I have been looking all over for you!" the guy thundered as he approached. He grabbed the girl by the upper arm, making her squeak. He shook her roughly. "I told you that you are not to wander off!" My eyes widened in alarm at his harsh tone.
"I-I'm sorry!" she whimpered, her cheeks turning red. She looked in my direction. "M-My new friend here fell, and I was just making sure that she was okay."
The guy followed her gaze and looked me up and down. "That right? And what's your name, little girl?"
I could feel my face heat up with annoyance at that. "My name is Anna, and I am not a little girl. I'm twenty-three actually."
The guy laughed at that. I bristled when he spoke. "Well my wife here is twenty-five, and she sure knows that she still needs to be treated like a little girl, don't you, young lady?" He looked down at his wife, who nodded meekly.
"Now you hold on!" I snapped. I pointed a finger at him. "You can't talk to your wife like that! What a bully! All she did was walk away from you! I know I certainly would If I were your wife!"
His eyes darkened slightly as he scrutinized me, but he smirked. "You're feisty. You're lucky that you aren't my little girl or you'd be in big trouble." He looked down at his wife, whose eyes had grown wide at my outburst. "I think your new friend would benefit from watching you get punished for wandering off. What do you think?"
She glanced at me nervously, then nodded.
My head was spinning at this point. What on Earth was going on? I watched transfixed as the guy, right in front of me, pushed his wife down so that she bent at the waist. The back of her dress rode up just enough to reveal the white panties that she had on. He then wrapped an arm around her before smacking her bottom with his hand.
I backed up in shock, nearly falling over in the process. He was spanking her! He was spanking her in public, out in the open! I was about to start yelling for help when I heard loud cheering behind me. I whirled around to find all the men and women rushing over to form a circle around the scene that had broken out.
"You are not allowed to leave my side without informing me first!" the guy was saying, raising his voice to a yell to be heard over the cheering. Even over the loud hoots and hollers, I could hear his wife's squeaks as well as the slapping sound of his hand landing on her panties.
The man was yelling harshly at his wife, but I could now see the teasing gleam in his eyes and the huge grin on his face as his hand rose and fell. His little wife was crying out in pain, her face burning with embarrassment but there was a trace of a smile on her lips as well. Her lower cheeks bounced upon contact, making the crowd go wild.
They were both enjoying it.
There was something else as well, though. She wasn't just having fun. Her hips started to sway back and forth after a while, and her squeaking turned into deep-throated moans. I felt my face begin to heat up, and my heart pound wildly against my ribcage.
Finally, I was able to get ahold of myself.
I decided that the smart thing to do at this point was to go into the mansion to try and get help. Maybe I could use their phone or something. All the people had moved to watch the spanking, so that left me to tiptoe awkwardly up to the house. The double doors were made of wood and had intricate designs of nude figures carved into them. They had to be about fifty feet tall.
I hesitated for half a second before pulling one open and slipping inside.
In retrospect, I shouldn't have been extremely surprised by what I saw next.
I found myself in a large living room. The room was dimly lit and soft, romantic music was floating through the wide space. The furniture had been pushed up against the far walls and stations were set up in the center. The unmistakable sound of slaps echoed in the large room. I squinted and saw benches, about a dozen of them, each with a person strapped onto them. Each one was surrounded by a small group of people that watched the individual over the bench get spanked.
"Are you top or bottom, Sugar Plum?"
I was almost back out the door when the deep male voice called out to me. I turned my head, one foot inside and the other out. I came face to face with what could only be described as the definition of physical perfection. He was definitely a man, with a strong but lean build, golden hair and cerulean blue eyes. Even in the dim lighting, he seemed to glow.
"Excuse me?" I finally got out.
He rose a perfect eyebrow. "Top or bottom; which is it?" He smirked. "Just judging by your body language, I'm going to hazard a guess and say bottom." His eyes glinted.
I had no idea what he was talking about. I couldn't help but feel like it was something embarrassing.
"Neither!" I blurted out. "I don't know. I'm actually lost."
Pretty Boy just stared at me. He frowned, his face forming into a glare. "Did you come here alone, sugar? Answer wisely because if I discover you're lying, I might take the pleasure of turning you over my knee."
For about the hundredth time in the last five minutes, the blood in my face burned. "That won't be necessary! I got here by accident! I was camping with my cousins and got separated from them. I was trying to find my way back to our campsite! I swear it's true!"
His teasing expression smoothed over as he regarded me suspiciously. Finally, he nodded with a laugh. "Okay, I can't think of any reason someone would lie about that." He held out his hand, and I took it after realizing that he looked slightly embarrassed. "I'm Kayden. Sorry for not believing you. I'll get you back to your cousins. Just follow me." He released my hand before wandering deeper into the house.
He seemed genuinely nice and not creepy, so I followed him, not that I had much of a choice. I tried to pretend as if I didn't hear the sound of hard spanks or see the plethora of red backsides as we crossed the large room.
Kayden led me down what seemed to be one of the many hallways before opening a door. We stepped inside a small office.
"Have a seat," he paused, and then asked, "what's your name? I don't believe you mentioned it."
"Anna," I murmured quietly.
"Okay then, Anna," he smiled at me. "Have a seat," he told me, pointing to a chair that was in front of a large mahogany desk. I sat before letting out a sigh, not even realizing how tired I had been. Kayden moved to the other side of the desk and began going through the desk drawers. "Just give me a minute to find the park ranger's number. Did you and your cousins realize that it's illegal to camp in this area?"
"No," I answered honestly, making a mental note to throttle my cousins when I saw them. "Sorry..."
Kayden laughed. "Don't apologize! It happens pretty often, so you guys won't be in trouble or anything." He pulled an index card out of one of the drawers. "I'm sorry you had to stumble in here for help! That must have been a shock, seeing some of the things you did."
It was my turn to laugh. That had to be the largest underestimation I had ever heard. "So, this is your place, I'm assuming?" I questioned.
He grinned boyishly. "You assume correctly."
It was silent for a minute while I decided how to ask my next question. "So... umm... what... that is... uhh..." I struggled for the right words.
Kayden understood immediately of course. "I host spanking parties once in a while," he explained simply.
"Spanking parties," I repeated dumbly. "So, everyone out there is... into that?"
He made a weird sound between a choke and a laugh. "Well, I would hope so. It would be a strange place to spend your time if you didn't but, yes, this particular event is exclusive to members of one of the clubs I own."
"Clubs?" I had to sound like a freaking parrot. I could feel another headache forming.
He frowned suddenly, his eyes growing serious. He placed the index card down on the desk before taking his seat across from me. He laced his fingers together before leaning toward me slightly.
My eyes widened a bit, and I subconsciously sat back in my chair.
"Normally, if someone with no experience in this lifestyle stumbled in here the way you did, I would have reported them for trespassing." His eyes darkened.
I gulped fearfully.
He continued as if he didn't notice. "You genuinely surprised me, Anna, which isn't very easy to do," he smiled then. "Tell me, do you really have no interest in what you saw here today?"
"What? No!" I yelped immediately, like a dog that had gotten its tail stepped on. "I told you the truth. I really had no idea where I was. I got here on accident."
He put a hand up to silence me. "I believe you, Anna." Good grief, the way he was saying my name felt as if we had known each other for years, it was giving me the creeps. He opened another drawer and pulled out a business card. He slid it across the table to me. "We're having our biggest event of the year in a few months, and I hope you'll consider coming by."
"What? But- you said you believed me!" I cried out in dismay.
"I believe that you ended up here by accident," he corrected me. "I can't say I believe that you have no interest in spanking, however. You're not making any promises by taking this, but if you do decide to come, it's all you'll need to show at the door."
I took a deep breath to calm myself, trying to fight the blush that was rising in my cheeks. "Thanks, I just really need to get back to my cousins. We're heading back into town today." I pushed the card back toward him, trying to ignore the way my hand shook.
He just smiled. "Okay, then. Let me get Roger on the phone; he's the park ranger. I'll have him pick you up."
He explained the situation to Roger, over the phone, as I sat there awkwardly, looking anywhere but at the gorgeous guy in front of me. As promised, the park ranger, a nice middle aged man, picked me up, and I was able to get ahold of my cousins on his phone. Roger brought me back to our campsite, and we were told politely to leave as soon as we could.
"Glad you're okay!" my cousin, Devon was saying as he drove us out of the woods. There were four of us total, myself, Devon and our two cousins, Drew and Erin.
"How did you get lost anyway?" Erin asked, her voice conveying her dismay. "There was only one trail up the hill."
I was thankful that she was sitting in the back with me while the two guys took the front so I could glare at her. "Thanks for looking for me by the way. I thought I was going to die."
Drew laughed from his spot in the front passenger seat. "We'd have fun explaining that one to your parents. We'd make your death sound more epic than that, though, don't worry."
"Knew I could count on you guys," I muttered, my voice dripping with sarcasm. The three of them laughed, and I couldn't help joining in. I grew up with the three of them; they were my best friends.
I thought about telling them about stumbling into that party, but Kayden had asked me to keep the place a secret since a lot of the members of the club prefer to keep their interests separate from their professional lives. I completely understood.
I heard Erin sigh. "It's gonna be weird not having you here."
"I'll visit as often as I can," I promised. "It's a six-hour drive; it's kinda far, but it's doable."


An Interview With Rayanna Jamison Author of the Luke's Rogue Bride

Luke's Rogue Bride by Rayanna Jamison

It's not always easy to flee the demons from your past.
Carolyn Atwood's childhood in the polygamist community of Filmore, Georgia, was one of oppression, fear and abuse at the hands of a power-hungry prophet.
After her family fled to the Green Valley, Utah, she was finally able to live the life she had always dreamed of-embracing her newfound freedom, safety and happiness, and to help put the prophet who abused her behind bars for once and for all.
When she hears her father plotting to take the family back to Filmore, Carolyn can feel her happy existence crumbling around her. She has a choice to make-tell a little white lie with the intention of marrying the new bishop so that she can build a better life in Green Valley, or return to the single place on Earth that could crush her very soul.
Lucas Miller has watched Carolyn for the past several years. While he admires her spirit, he knows that any man who is called to make her his wife will have his hands full. Will he trust in his faith that he is exactly the man for this troubled young woman? Will he be able to convince Carolyn that her past does not define who she is beneath that tough exterior?
DISCLAIMER: This books contains the spanking of adult women and elements of power exchange, and is set in a polygamist community.


Books 1 & 2 combined Just $2.99 Book 3 Just $1.99  


Now, Rayanna, can you tell me about one or two of your books- I mean where should I start? What should I read first?


Oh man- it really depends what you are in the mood for- If you like sweet and clean domestic discipline- definitely read my Love Multiplied Series.  If you like your DD a little sexier- read any of my Corbin’s Bend books- and if you like a good Daddy Dom story read Catching Her Cowboy Daddy or Cole For Christmas.  


What was the first book you wrote? Bride Two Soon- The first book in my Love Multiplied Series- which is a series of sweet and clean domestic discipline romances that take place in a polygamous community where the belief is that the woman receivs a vision of sorts that tells her who she is supposed to marry.


The fourth book in this series just came out, Books 1-3 are on sale, and Book 5 will be out for New Years- and FREE.  


And what inspired you to start writing? As a kid, I always dreamed of being an author, and then when I was in my teens I quit writing for many years. My reading tastes had changed, but I wasn’t ready to write the things I wanted to read, and for some reason I was putting pressure on myself thinking that I needed to.  When I was in my 30’s I met a friend *cough* the person giving this interview *cough* who encouraged me to write a book for Blushing. I was homeschooling at the time, and it had been so long, and I couldn’t make a go of it at the time. A year later, I moved to Utah, put the kids in public school, and was just deep in culture shock and not knowing what to do with myself. There are a lot of very different polygamist sects around where I live, and I just started researching them all. I watched all the shows, I read what I could- and because it’s what I do, and because I had heard rumors that domestic discipline was prevalent in the area, I began to look for polygamy spanking books. I didn’t find many. So, I wrote one. And then another, and another.    


What genre do you like to read? Contemporary Romance of all kinds from super sweet and clean to dirty gritty bdsm.  


Do you have an author who influenced the way you write? I don’t really consider myself to be influenced by anyone, unless I’ve met them and actually talked writing with them. That being said, my biggest influences are Patty Devlin, who taught me what head hopping was, convinced me to write in third person and pretty much held my hand through the entire process of writing my first book. The other is Thianna D, who brought me in on the Corbin’s Bend project, taught me some of the funnest rules I’ve ever learned when it comes to editing, forced me to write my first sex scene, jumped at the chance when I timidly asked her to co –write my first M/m romance, and taught me how to stick up for myself as an author. Oh! She also introduced me to some great reviewers as well!  


What is your toughest criticism? I have a tendency to go deep POV too often. I don’t push myself enough.  I’m working on both. I think I’ve made some good progress this year.


And your best compliment? So many. I think every review is a compliment. So I will just say  the fact that it took me two and a half years to receive less than a three star review on Amazon. I take that as a compliment. ;) But honestly, I’m glad it finally happened. That was a lot of pressure! ;)


What do you like to do when you are not writing?  Talk to friends, hang out with my kids, cook-not bake-shop, read. Eat sushi, Collect knee socks, and share good coffee or good wine with good friends and family.  


Are you a Morning or Evening person? That’s like asking me to choose between coffee and wine. Most people will tell you I’m not a morning person- but I don’t really agree. I am an early riser and I wake up easily. I just also like quiet in the morning. I don’t want to be asked questions, talked to about my plans for the day, (or yours for that matter) or be otherwise pissed off. (Can I say pissed off in an interview? Whatever. I’m saying it.)  



And for fun, does Prince Charming really exist? Sure he does. I married him.  HAHAHAHA Real answer?  –A little prince charming exists in all  men.  So does a little Darth Vader.    




Luke's Rogue Bride by Rayanna Jamison

It's not always easy to flee the demons from your past.
Carolyn Atwood's childhood in the polygamist community of Filmore, Georgia, was one of oppression, fear and abuse at the hands of a power-hungry prophet.
After her family fled to the Green Valley, Utah, she was finally able to live the life she had always dreamed of-embracing her newfound freedom, safety and happiness, and to help put the prophet who abused her behind bars for once and for all.
When she hears her father plotting to take the family back to Filmore, Carolyn can feel her happy existence crumbling around her. She has a choice to make-tell a little white lie with the intention of marrying the new bishop so that she can build a better life in Green Valley, or return to the single place on Earth that could crush her very soul.
Lucas Miller has watched Carolyn for the past several years. While he admires her spirit, he knows that any man who is called to make her his wife will have his hands full. Will he trust in his faith that he is exactly the man for this troubled young woman? Will he be able to convince Carolyn that her past does not define who she is beneath that tough exterior?
DISCLAIMER: This books contains the spanking of adult women and elements of power exchange, and is set in a polygamist community.
Books 1 & 2 combined Just $2.99 Book 3 Just $1.99  

Rayanna Jamison

Rayanna Jamison has always dreamed of becoming an author. She credits a big move from Oregon to Utah in 2013 as the catalyst that finally began her writing career. She now lives in Southern Utah with her husband, two children, two dogs, and her mother. She writes what she loves to read, which is fun romantic stories about submission in its many forms. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, crafting, and shopping, and that's just in her spare time. When the kids and husband are home, she can be found baking with her daughter, watching her son and his friends, and hosting neighborhood block parties. She loves exploring her new area, and finding fun new things to do with her family.   Don’t miss these exciting titles by Rayanna Jamison and Blushing Books!  



Catching Her Cowboy Daddy Santa, Sir Cole for Christmas Other Uses for a Wooden Spoon   Corbin’s Bend Series A Perfect Partnership A Holiday Ruse Ginger UP   Love Multiplied Series: Green Valley Brides, Books 1 & 2 Luke’s First Bride, Book 3   Vegas Nights Series: Collared, Book One   Audio Books: The Bishop’s First Bride Bride Two Soon

His Babygirl by Jane Henry and Maisy Archer

His Babygirl by Jane Henry and Maisy Archer
Alice Cavanaugh learned early that the only person she could count on was herself. As a single mom, she works hard to provide the best life possible for her son Charlie, and to earn the respect of those around her. She might take part in a scene at The Club, but she's way too busy to be anyone's full-time submissive. And that's fine with her, since the one dominant she's fantasized about submitting to has given her nothing but mixed-signals and heartache... until now.
Alexander "Slay" Slater, a former Marine and Dungeon Master at The Club, has been eyeing Alice for a while now... from a distance. But now that he's set his sights on her, he's all in. He will make her feel safe and cared for, and attend to her every need-including taking her over his knee for a sound spanking when she needs it.
But when Alice and Slay are roped into a dangerous entanglement with an insidious drug cartel, their relationship is put to the test. Can Alice trust Slay, even when it means ignoring her own fears and instincts? Can Slay keep Alice safe from the dangers that they face? Above all, can they overcome the obstacles that keep them apart-so that Slay can become Alice's Daddy, and Alice... his babygirl?
DISCLAIMER:  This book contains the spanking of adult women, mild elements of age-play, and BDSM including power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.
  Grandma Got Run Over by Raina, Dear by Katherine Deane
Sheriff John Tate vows to protect a single mother from her estranged former mother-in-law.
His grandmother says she is in love with a famous exotic dancer. The single woman he has fallen in love with almost runs over his granny. This might go down in history as the worst Christmas ever.
Or the best.
This Christmas is unlike any Christmas he's ever had.
*** Available for FREE as part of our "12 Days of Christmas" holiday promo.   Don't delay...this title is only available for 24 hrs! ***
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Sassy, fast-talking Callie has recently married stern, no-nonsense stagecoach driver Jude Johnson. As a poor orphan, Callie always got by using tall tales to sound impressive. Now that she's married, Callie feels secure and loved, so she isn't as inclined to brag and lie; however, old habits die hard, and she finds herself unable to admit to her new husband that she can't cook.Callie thinks she's pulling a fast one on Jude. Every day she walks the mile to town, purchases two dinners to go from the restaurant, and returns home to set the table and lay out the meal before Jude returns home. Every evening as they dine together, she explains in detail how she has cooked each item on the plate, and everything she describes about how she cooked the meal is wrong (incorrect temperature, time, ingredients). Though Jude is mildly displeased by Callie's ongoing lies about her cooking skills, he is more amused than anything else and secretly finds it endearing. Jude becomes less amused, however, when he returns from the range one day to learn that Callie has invited practically the whole town to Christmas dinner. His plucky young bride has finally crossed the line, and Jude decides she needs a lesson over his knee for that stunt. Callie promises to stop lying to Jude, but Christmas dinner is only a day away and it's too late to uninvite all of their guests. Jude resolves to help Callie prepare the dinner. Will the two of them be able to pull together an edible meal? That remains to be seen, but their efforts lead to some entertaining mishaps and arguments in the kitchen, which will guarantee that more than one rump is well-roasted by the time their guests arrive.
*** Available for FREE as part of our "12 Days of Christmas" holiday promo.   Don't delay...this title is only available for 24 hrs! ***

Gabe's Golden Girl by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Maggie Ryan

Dearest Readers:
I admit that it was hard for me to write this book, the last of the best-selling Red Petticoat Saloon series. I have fallen in love with this series watching the characters come to life. It was very difficult knowing that we were saying good bye to Jewel and Gabe. Each author has brought their gems to life and taken readers on journeys that I never imagined when we began the series. While we are leaving Culpepper Cove, I hope you agree that it became a better place with each story written.
I have laughed, cried, gripped the edge of my seat, and watched each one of Jewel's gems overcome obstacles to discover that they not only have found themselves, they've found a family that will always be there for them. I've seen men who have the capacity to offer unconditional love as well as much needed guidance fall in love with women that some in society consider unworthy.  I have seen Nettie, that feisty, lovable, spoon-wielding cook come to life and find her happiness in not only serving up the best food this side of the Mississippi, but being the Mama Bear to every gem under the Red Petticoat's roof.
I can't thank my fellow authors enough for joining me in this incredible journey. I can't thank the readers enough for taking this journey with us and hope that you've enjoyed every step along the way.  I hope that with Gabe's Golden Girl you feel that you've come full circle-that you journeyed with Lady Juliette Gardner from England to California as she met Gabriel Vasquez and together they shared their dreams and worked to make them come true. And, in the end, what can be better than that?  Thank you again.
Happy Reading,
Maggie Ryan
The true treasure in life is the love we share... What happens when two people, both from different countries, different stations in life, different in every way are thrown together by circumstance? If they are Gabriel Vasquez and Lady Juliette Gardner, magic happens. They both had dreams of building a life, a better life in their chosen land. Gabe dreams of making his mine, the Corazon de Oro, be one of the most successful mines of California's gold rush. Jewel dreams of building a place where women no longer need to feel as if they have no hope of a future. As they fall in love and combine their dreams, they build The Red Petticoat Saloon in the small town of Culpepper Cove. Many gems have come and gone, many have stayed and yet all became not only gems but members of a family-a diverse family-a family that will encourage you to follow your dreams. A family that laughs and cries together, one where members offer a shoulder to cry on or, if you happen to be a feisty cook named Nettie, a tap of her infamous wooden spoon against your backside. Though her dream has come true, Jewel continues to wonder what has the man who has stolen her heart so unbending when it comes to extracting a price when she or one of their gems steps out of line. He never hesitates to remind the women under his roof that the price of breaking rules that are meant to keep them safe is a hot, aching behind. What has driven this loving man to risk his life for what most of society consider as fallen women? What secrets hide behind those incredible, chocolate colored eyes? Why is he so reluctant to share his past, to talk about his family that he left behind in his native country? Why can't a man Jewel knows has given her his heart and soul, give her these answers? On the day their mine, Corazon de Oro, reveals its heart, Gabe discovers that there are more important things than any amount of gold. Jewel's love and desire to make the world a better place touch his soul-all the treasure he'll ever need is found in the arms of his golden girl. Gabe's Golden Girl is the last book in the bestselling series, The Red Petticoat Saloon. DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women, explicitly described sexual scenarios including anal play, and elements of power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book. About The Red Petticoat series: The Red Petticoat Saloon series is a collection of books written by #1 and USA Today bestselling authors. Each book tells the unique story of a different woman, 'a gem', who comes to the saloon to find a safe haven and discovers they become part of a family. Recurring characters appear in each book to allow readers a continuity as they learn about the women who have learned to bend but have not broken under the harshness that life has to offer. It is a series where strong, loving men find not only entertainment at the saloon but the special women who reside under its roof.
Check it out now! Books 1-5 are just 99 Pennies for a limited time!
And that's not all! Books 6-13 are just $2.99!
Chapter One
Gabriel would never tire of just watching her. It didn't matter if Jewel was mentoring or just chatting with one of the many women she'd brought into her heart and the Red Petticoat Saloon, or if she was in the kitchen cajoling Nettie into making yet another batch of beignets, or if she was lounging in the bath, her skin slick with the scented oils she'd pour into the water, relaxing after yet another busy day. But, one of his favorite ways to watch her was when she was simply sleeping... her hair spread across the pillows like golden sunbeams, her face and body soft in repose.
Lifting himself onto an elbow, he leaned over her to run his fingertips down the slender column of her neck, over her shoulder and down her arm. He smiled when little bumps began to rise on her skin as he followed the dip of her waist and then climbed the curve of her hip towards his final destination, a well-rounded buttock. Gabe grinned when she gave a soft moan, her bottom wiggling, pushing back as if seeking his warmth.
"Te amo, querida." The words declaring his love were whispered into her ear as his hand moved strands of gold away from the pink shell. His teeth captured the lobe, giving a nip that had her moaning again and, he saw, her sweet pink nipples puckering. His cock, already stiff, hardened further as his fingertips slipped into the divide of her ass, sliding down to the treasure hidden between the plump globes. Though the room was dark with only the barest illumination from the moon shining through the window, Gabe didn't need any light to know the exact moment she became fully aware of him as she stiffened with the pressure of the finger pressing against her anus, her hips pulling away for just a moment before he spoke.
"Naughty." His smile belied his chastisement, as did her almost instant relaxation, her cheeks unclenching from where they'd attempted to still his hand... to keep his fingers from moving against her body. Bending over her again, he saw her eyes opening, the golden lashes lifting to reveal the most stunning blue eyes he loved watching go from clear and focused to glazed and dreamy with her lust. "What happens to naughty girls?"
"Hmmm?" she murmured, then gasped as he nipped the side of her neck.
"You heard me," he said, licking the spot he'd just bitten, then blowing across the wet skin, seeing her nipples becoming tight little berries begging to be plucked. "But, since you seem to need a reminder..."
"Gabe!" she shrieked as, with one thrust, the fingertip that had been circling her anus drove inside.
"That's not a proper answer either, my naughty girl," he said, continuing to press into her most intimate opening. God, he loved the way she blushed, adored watching the color begin in her breasts, flushing the mounds a beautiful pink that accentuated the color of her nipples before moving up her neck to stain her cheeks with a rosy flush. He loved even more to add that same pink hue to her other set of cheeks. His finger continued to move, to explore, to press in and withdraw until she was moaning.
"They get punished," she whispered, her head turning to find his eyes with hers.
"Tienes razón. That's right. Naughty little girls get punished." He bent, his lips a fraction of an inch from hers. "Naughty little girls get their little bottoms reddened and then fucked, don't they, querida?"
Her eyelids lowered for just a moment before opening, the desire he loved to see beginning to fill them. "Yes, sir." It was all she had time to say before he took her mouth, his tongue demanding entrance, pressing between soft lips just as his finger continued to press in and out of her ass. A slim arm came up to wrap itself around his neck, fingers sliding through his hair, as she surrendered to him.
Without ever removing his finger, Gabe moved her, her body pliant, trusting him as he settled himself onto his back, her body lying on his, her head towards his feet, her silken hair caressing his stomach and his groin. Her groan as a second finger joined the first to scissor, to begin to stretch her ring of muscle was muffled as his cock was already surrounded by the warmth of her mouth, her tongue licking against his length. Her self-control was absolutely amazing as he began to slap her cheeks, alternating from one to another, his fingers playing, her bottom pinkening as she continued to pleasure him, to suckle deeply as he pushed both his cock and his fingers deeper. He inhaled her scent and lifted his head to swipe his tongue between the slick folds of her sex, her body jerking and her throat vibrating around his cock as she voiced her pleasure the best she could. Her small pearl swelled, her mewls of need sounding as he teased the small bud, lapping in circles around its base but not yet drawing it into his mouth. Instead, his tongue delved back into her sex, tasting her cream as his cock began to swell even further, telling him that it was time to finish warming her rear before he'd claim what was his.
The cracks of his palm against her flesh resounded in the room. Her cheeks jiggled with each swat only to still and clench a moment before relaxing, her hips pressing up to meet his hand and then sinking down to seek the tongue that he continued to fuck her with until he drew back.
"You will come for me, Jewel. Come now," he ordered, giving her two harder swats and then, finally, taking her clit between his lips and suckling hard. She stiffened, her shriek more of a growl, his cockhead's presence not allowing it to escape her throat as her body contracted, holding his fingers trapped in her bottom as she convulsed. It was an amazing sign of her desire to submit that her lips never loosened around his shaft, her tongue continued to lave and lick, her cheeks to hollow in and out as she suckled throughout her implosion. Giving a final swipe of his tongue to soothe the little pearl he'd nipped, he then popped his fingers from her bottom and reached for the small jar of emollient he'd gotten from Dr. Norwood. Once he'd daubed a generous amount onto her bottom-hole, his earlier ministrations assuring that its application deep inside the dark channel was easily completed, he lifted her off him, his move forcing her lips to open... to release him. His grin grew when she gave a soft whine, her lips parting, her head moving forward like a little girl denied her favorite lollipop.
A quick swat to the underside of her buttock changed the whine to a squeal. "Don't be a greedy girl," he teased, repeating the smack to her other sit spot. "On your knees, hands on the rail, legs apart and, this..." he said, running his palm over her ass, "well up." She didn't speak but was quickly in the position ordered, her inner thighs glistening with her arousal, her labia swollen, her glorious bottom a mottled pink and pressed high. Kneeling behind her, Gabe fisted his cock, her oral skills slickening it and yet he took the time to coat his shaft with more of the ointment. He wasn't punishing her despite his earlier teasing. No, this was for pleasure... both his and hers. Settling between her spread knees, he gripped her spanked globes with his fingers, pulling them apart to expose his destination. Pressing forward, his cockhead rested against her dusky pucker for the briefest moment before he gave a thrust of his hips and began to press inside.
"Oh... oh, Gabe," Jewel moaned, her back arching at the pressure required to accept him into her body.
With his cockhead seated, he released her cheeks and bent over her small frame, pressing inch by inch inside, the grip of her velvet walls sliding ever so slowly over his shaft as he went deeper felt incredible. Bent over her back, he placed his lips against her ear. "I love fucking your ass."
He could feel her entire body shudder as he bit her neck, could feel her unconscious resistance falling away, her channel surrendering to him, allowing him to sink balls deep. Gabe continued to nip, kiss, lick, and nibble on her neck and her shoulders as his hands moved beneath her to grasp her breasts, hefting them in his palms, kneading the soft flesh before fingers captured pebbled nipples and began to gently tug, twist and pull until she was moaning, her hips moving in sync with his as his movements quickened, his cock filling her, stretching her then causing her to mewl with its withdrawal only to moan as he sank deep yet again, the heat of her spanked bottom warming his abdomen each time his balls slapped against her splayed, dripping pussy.
"You're going to come with me," he ordered, running the tip of his tongue over the red marks his teeth had just made on her skin. "I want you to come hard. I want to feel your ass milking my cock. Come for me, querida." She gasped, her knuckles white with their grip on the rails, her eyes glazed as she turned to look over her shoulder, her hair tangled and disheveled as she nodded her understanding, her acceptance of his demand. Gabe smiled, lifted himself from her back, raised his hand and crashed it down again and again on her buttocks as he fucked her until her head arched back and she screamed her bliss to the ceiling. The channel that had accepted his cock became a vise, clamping and releasing again and again as her climax roared through her. Gabe gritted his teeth at the combination of pleasure and pain until he could move again, to piston his hips until that magical moment of expectation promising extreme bliss held both his heart and breath frozen for an instant before he fell into the abyss, his seed surging up, swelling his cock further until it jetted from him, filling her bowels again and again.
His breaths came in deep inhalations, expelling onto her skin which was glistening with exertion. Carefully withdrawing from her, he rolled to his back again, pulling her to lay on top of him again but this time with her cheek resting on his chest, her ear pressed above where his heart was beating rapidly. One arm held her across her warm buttocks, the other pressed damp tendrils of hair off her face. Her sigh was one of deep contentment, her body's relaxation against his spoke of pleasure shared. When she turned her face up, her eyes were soft, her smile the sweetest thing he'd ever seen.
"Now, that's what happens to naughty little girls," he said, bending forward to kiss her forehead.
"Hmmm," she purred, her fingertips playing with his nipple. "Shall I apologize in advance by saying that I'm sure I'll need to be reminded again... and again?"
He chuckled, pulled her up until he could kiss her properly and then said, "I'll gladly spend the rest of my life reminding you, querida."
"Good, I love you, Gabriel."
"Te amo, my Juliette." Plundering her mouth one more time, he shifted them, spooning her back to his front, his hand cupping her breast. People spent a lifetime worrying about getting into heaven-he'd stopped thinking about that the moment he met the woman in his arms. After all, why worry about the future when he was already experiencing heaven on Earth?
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Diamond in the Rough by Abbie Adams and Maggie Ryan

Dear Readers,
Wow! Hasn't this been exciting? I don't know about you but I've always been a fan of old westerns and more than half in love with dusty old cowboys-and the sterner, the better. John Wayne definitely fueled many of my girlhood daydreams, alongside Sam Elliot and Clint Eastwood. Now, we have Gabe, John, Jeb, Bo and the rest of those dominant men of Culpepper Cove. I hope you'll find Tripp and Diamond's story to be fuel for some of your own daydreams.
It didn't take long for Diamond to start telling me her story. When I heard about The Red Petticoat Saloon Series, I wasn't sure that I could participate, but Diamond is a woman who won't be ignored. She demanded her place in the series and she got it. Although, I have to say a big, giant thank you to Maggie Ryan, my co-author.
Sometimes, no matter how vividly the characters talk to you, life happens and you just don't get a chance to tell their stories. This was the case with my story, Diamond in the Rough. If, not for Maggie, Tripp and Diamond would still be buried on my hard drive with a slew of other unfinished works.
Thank you, Maggie. As always, you make me look good-and I hope you already know I'd be lost without you. Thank you for helping bring these amazing characters to life.
And to our readers, I hope you will fall in love with Culpepper Cover and the Red Petticoat Saloon family.
Abbie Adams
Marshal Tripp Houston makes his own luck and doesn't believe in chance-until Lady Luck smiles up at him with her cat-like green eyes. If it's the last thing he does, Tripp is dead set on bringing down the vile Shotgun Slick Gang. It's been said that the outlaws have a woman traveling with them. Tripp is almost certain that woman is Diamond, especially with her sneaking around and asking lots of questions. But, if he's wrong, and she is the innocent she proclaims, then once every last slimy one of the gang are swinging from a tree, he plans to hand in his tin star and settle down with the little card-dealing gem who ran away with not only his horse, but his heart as well. After all, he knows just how to tame a feisty gem.
Diamond won't take no for an answer, especially when it comes to those bossy men of Culpepper Cove standing in the way of finding her sister Damaris-not even when it means she will end up with a hot, achy backside over the knee of one very stubborn lawman. The trail she'd been following for months led her to Culpepper Cove and The Red Petticoat Saloon where she entertains the men while dealing blackjack and sifting through their conversations for information that will help her find Damaris-but she doesn't go upstairs. That is until the night she makes a silly bet, (it had worked for Jewel, hadn't it?) and ends up falling for the man who tried her patience at every turn. Will the bet cost more than her virginity? She hadn't wagered her heart, but she may very well have lost it to him already.
DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes including anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.
About The Red Petticoat series:
The Red Petticoat Saloon series is a collection of books written by #1 and USA Today bestselling authors. Each book tells the unique story of a different woman, 'a gem', who comes to the saloon to find a safe haven and discovers they become part of a family. Recurring characters appear in each book to allow readers a continuity as they learn about the women who have learned to bend but have not broken under the harshness that life has to offer. It is a series where strong, loving men find not only entertainment at the saloon but the special women who reside under its roof.
**Free Preview**
Chapter One
The room, blurry.
The table, rocking.
The lantern, swinging.
The faces, swaying.
The voices, echoing.
The laughter, evil.
She wasn't dead yet. God help her, she'd prayed for death.
Searing pain crisscrossed her back and thighs. It was hot and wet, and tight. She was sure many of the agonizing stripes from the strap had torn her skin, as well as biting down into the flesh. She could smell the sweet sickening scent of her own blood as well as taste it in her mouth. Why couldn't she have died?
"There ya go, kid. I got her all primed and ready for ya." The horrifying laughs echoed off the walls of her skull as a slap to her ass jolted her. It didn't hurt. She was pretty much numb to the abuse of her lower body now.
The slap did little more than jar her back to the reality. She couldn't remember which one of them it was, or how many had taken her now. The one thing she did know was, if she didn't die, she'd make sure the rest of them died in the most agonizing way she could manage. She was made of stronger stock, if she'd learned one thing from her father, it was that.
The oppressive heat weighed heavily on her. Rain would do them all some good. The pressure in the air had more than a few miners in ill spirits. Gabe had mentioned as much before the customers had even begun to trail into the Red Petticoat Saloon that afternoon. A storm was in the air. The humidity clung to Diamond's neck, her well-endowed bosom and the small of her back. Her once tightly coiled hair knot had long since strayed, leaving her coiffure a mass of frizzy spirals, springing free all over the place. She lifted the hair off her neck for at least the tenth time in just a few hours. She couldn't fathom how the upstairs gals could bear to lie under a sweaty, grunting man on a night like tonight. Diamond could hardly stand being inside the bar, let alone thinking of anyone touching her.
She'd been feeling a bit off and needed some fresh air. Why, she'd even felt like she might faint! At least that was what she would tell Gabe if he found her outside in the dark. God forbid a gem be found outside unescorted after dusk had fallen. She had heard-no, she'd seen Gabe spank more than one gem for the like. It was one of the only really hard and fast rules at the Red Petticoat or at least the most strictly enforced rule. Ironic that he placed such an importance on the gems' safety but was more than willing to lay a belt to their backsides if he felt they deserved it.
She should probably head back inside before someone wondered where she'd gone and began to worry. Besides, maybe tonight was the night she'd finally learn something useful about Damaris. She'd been feeling rather restless the last couple days. Her leads had long since dried up. She was no closer to finding her sister now than she was three months ago back in St. Louis, worse even. When she'd left the city, she'd had her sister's letter telling Delaney she was working in San Francisco. But since then nothing. Not a single word from Damaris. Still, there was a slew of men in the saloon tonight whom she'd never seen around before. Perhaps one of them had come from the city and would have a tidbit to offer. All she needed was something new to go on. Damaris couldn't have up and disappeared.
Opal had told her that they'd be real busy tonight. Miners and cowboys alike preferred to be in the saloons when storms were coming in. No one wanted to be cooped up in a flooded tent or shack on the edge of a river for days on end after a downpour filled the washes and stranded a person until the water receded again. Miners were quick to relate stories of men getting washed clear to Mexico if they weren't careful during the heavy rain. Though Delaney was quick to discount their rather outrageous tales, once she'd heard the story of a woman named Chin, known as Jade during her stay at the saloon, she'd understood that such storms could indeed claim a body. It had only been by the grace of God and the Drake brothers that Chin had been rescued from such a fate and was now wed to Cullen Drake.
"You all right, miss?" A deep masculine voice very near her ear, startled her out of her musings. She spun around, her heart ricocheting against her ribs under the stifling corset, cinched tightly around her waist.
She shrieked, stumbling backwards, nearly losing her footing as she stepped in a rut in the dark. "What in all that is holy are you doing, sneaking up on a lady like that?" Lord almighty, he'd been so near she was certain she'd felt his breath on her ear. Must've been Charlie and Silver's rowdy song flowing out of the saloon and into the streets that masked the man coming so close to her without her notice. She swatted at his hands as he tried to steady her with his strong grip.
"A lady?" He looked pointedly to her bosom, now nearly overflowing from her scantily low-cut bodice, then his sinfully dark eyes locked on hers. A cocky tilt at the side of his lips accompanied his words. "What's a lady doing in an alley behind a saloon at this time of night?" His voice was deep and carried the same tone of authority that Gabe's would when he called a girl out on her behavior, the difference being that this man's voice sent warmth to her middle. The man had somehow managed to come even closer while she'd been trying to right herself. Now she'd have to push him aside or step around him to get away. He stood there, so close, casually breathing in each breath she exhaled, one hand on the wall on either side of her shoulders. She'd been backed right up against the building. Her daddy always said she didn't have much common sense. Now what was she going to do?
"Gabe was on his way out to get a breath of air with me." She grasped for a way to put him off. "He went to fetch a drink for me first, so you better just back away and get on out of here. He doesn't take kindly to drifters taking advantage of his girls." She tried to sidestep, and duck under his arm but he stepped along to the side at the same time, staying right with her, so that she was still effectively pinned between him and the exterior saloon wall. She couldn't help but notice how nicely he was built. Under a leather vest, his shirt was unbuttoned halfway down, showing his bare chest. And he smelled so manly and clean, unlike many of the miners who came in. Wait! What the hell was she thinking? The heat really was getting to her. "I'm warning you-"
"Save it, honey. I saw him heading upstairs as I left the bar. Kind of strange for a gem to go wandering outside after dark, especially knowing that Gabe will likely tan her hide for it. So, what lured you out?" He stepped closer, his hips pinning her to the white-washed wall behind her, while he leaned on one elbow so he could tug on one of her springy curls with his free hand. "Meeting someone? Someone you don't want Gabe or Madam Jewel to know about? Or perhaps you like living dangerously... are you the sort of gal who enjoys having her bottom attended to?"
"What!" Delaney could feel her cheeks heat even more at the indecent inquiry. "No! I told you, I needed air!" She shoved at his chest. "If you know Gabe so well, you know he was probably heading upstairs to look for me and when he doesn't find me, he'll be right out. No matter who you are, if you are threatening me, he will-"
He cut her off. "I'm not threatening you, ladybug. I just wanted to make sure you were all right. I'd hate for you to meet up with some nefarious outlaw out here. They are all around, you know?" His eyes seemed to drill into her. His calculating gaze digging right into her head, trying to find out something, or set her up... Who could he possibly think she'd be meeting? And besides-it wasn't like Jewel owned her.
"Listen, mister. My break is up. I need to get back inside. Either let me go or you'll be answering to Gabe. If you want anything else, you'll have to sit at my table. Maybe lady luck will be with you tonight." She glared at him, willing her smile to be just as cunning as his, and lifted her chest higher, thrusting her breasts out. "No, perhaps you better sit elsewhere, I have the distinct impression lady luck doesn't like you at all." She stood up tall, as tall as her short stature would allow her, and pressed her hips back toward his, instead of trying to slip away. Satisfaction came quickly when she noted the quick intake of breath he took. She was perhaps more chaste than the ladies she worked with but she wasn't innocent enough to be unaware of the hard edge pressing into her tummy.
"I'm not worried about luck; I make my own." He leaned in, pressing harder into her soft middle, taking back the small space she'd gained. "My guess is you make your own luck too, don't you?" His words were a husky whisper, hot against her skin, and probably not overheard by anyone, but they made her nipples tingle and pebble tight inside her bodice. Could he feel them too?
"Diamond girl, what are you doing? We were looking for you." Gabe's words came through the dark, a stark relief to Delaney, even though the man holding her against the wall hardly seemed to care about the presence of her guardian angel. He stepped back only enough to turn his face to Gabe, but not enough to release her. She pressed against his chest with the hand resting between them, but he stayed there as if she were a babe with no strength at all.
"Gabe, yes, I..." She didn't know what to say. Where had her previous excuse gone? Oh yes, now she remembered. "I wasn't feeling well so I came out to get some air. It was so warm inside..."
Her new friend's eyes sparkled with mischief, and even though she didn't know him, she knew he was about to run his mouth.
"I saw her sneak out the door and followed her to be sure she was safe. I told her it was dangerous out here for a lady alone. I know you understand that, Gabe, but these womenfolk need to know it too. We've talked of this before. These gals have to know the dangers. We have all sorts of scoundrels out here at night: outlaws, rowdy ranchers, drunken miners; it's just not safe."
"Oh, yes, you can be sure the gems know that, Marshal. And you can count on the fact that Diamond won't do it again after tonight either." Even in the dark, Delaney could see the telling muscle tick in Gabe's rigid jaw.
"Good, we have to keep them safe. Can I talk to her a few more minutes before she comes in? If you like, I'll bring her straight to you when I'm done." He lowered his arm and stepped back. She could run now if she wanted, yet she stayed.
"Diamond?" Gabe came closer, as if wanting to know for sure she was comfortable before leaving her. She should go back inside with him, but now her curiosity was piqued, and it seemed that Gabe knew and trusted the man holding her waist so firmly.
"Yes, Gabe, if I could just have a few more minutes? I'm sorry for worrying you. I just needed a little air and you weren't nearby..."
Gabe nodded. "I'd like to talk to you inside before you start dealing again." The look in his eyes told her she was in for it. Delaney had never been the object of that look before, although she'd surely heard the gems speak of it many times in the time she'd been at the Red Petticoat Saloon. She swallowed hard and nodded her agreement, thanking God for the cover of darkness when heat crept up her neck, face, and ears-burning her with mortification.
As soon as Gabe was gone she let loose of the stranger. "Marshal is it? Why didn't you tell me you were the law instead of scaring me half to death? What is your game, Mister-what do you want with me?" Despite the anger she felt toward the man, when she looked into his eyes again and he spoke, heat pooled low in her tummy.
"No game. Like I said, I just want to keep you out of the hands of some outlaw, with vile intentions. But, honey, if you want to play games, I'd be delighted. I'll even let you choose-but be warned, I never lose." He tugged on one of her curls again.
She shoved his hand away and then stepped aside when she realized she had the space to do so. Before she stomped back into the saloon, she leveled on him. "Well, that makes two of us, Marshal. But there are some things you should keep in mind. First, here, the house takes all ties.  And second, the play doesn't happen until you take your seat at the table; anything else is just talk. Many men can talk a good talk, but that's it." She spun on her heel to leave him, but he caught her arm and turned her back to face him.
"I'll be seated at your table tomorrow night, ladybug, but I'll be interested to see if you are able to do any sitting." He let her go with a cocky wink and a husky chuckle.
She was halfway across the saloon floor when she spotted Gabe and he tipped his head toward the hallway that led to her room. It was only then that she realized just what the marshal had meant about her sitting tomorrow.
She walked very slowly, following behind Gabe at a much slower pace, needing a couple of seconds to think. What was she going to say? She had to come up with something to deter him from his goal of teaching her a lesson. He couldn't really mean to spank her. She'd never been spanked before and she didn't want to be now! Her face flamed hot just thinking about it. The other gems had been spanked on numerous occasions and she'd overheard it. The memory of the crying, soft pleas and apologies, alongside the crack of a hand smacking bare skin or a belt cracking with each stroke made her insides feel squirmy. Truly she was terrified, but not one of the gems considered it unfair or abusive. She knew because they said as much, and always agreed they'd deserved the spanking afterward. Almost everyone in Culpepper Cove, whores and townsfolk alike, respected Madam Jewel and Gabe.  So while she should be running in the opposite direction as fast as she could, instead she was following the man through the card room, past the bathing rooms and down another short corridor to her room... or more importantly, to her doom.
He took the lamp from the hall and opened the door to her room, standing with his arm held out, gesturing her inside.
"Um, I... I need to visit the... the outhouse," she said, coloring instantly with the rather indelicate topic but knowing she'd never make it through whatever he had planned if she didn't. When his eyebrow quirked, she said, "I'm not lying. I... I'll come right back, I promise."
"See you do, Diamond, because if you don't and I have to come get you, I promise you'll regret lying to me in addition to the regret you now feel for breaking the rules. Understand?"
"Yes, sir," she murmured and at his nod, turned and fled back through the saloon. Spying Jewel, she paused. "Um, could you go with me? I don't want to make Gabe any angrier than he is already." Jewel just nodded and the two went out the back door. When Delaney exited the privy, it was to find the marshal standing beneath a huge oak tree, talking with Jewel.
"I thought you left! Stop following me!"
"I'm not. You're not the only one to need to answer nature's call," he drawled, tipping his hat and chuckling as she stomped past him. Her attempt to slam the door was thwarted when Jewel reached out to still it before it hit her.
"Oh, I'm so sorry," Delaney said, having actually forgotten the madam had accompanied her... at her own request no less.
"Diamond, I suggest you calm down before you go to Gabe. Being angry won't help your case, especially when you know you were in the wrong," Jewel suggested softly. She reached out and gave Delaney a quick hug before moving around her to return to the saloon proper. Delany stood a moment, considering that she was going from one annoying male to one ready to blister her butt. Jewel was right. It certainly wouldn't do to storm into her room with an attitude. Slowing, she took several deep breaths and then walked to her door.
She'd never felt more awkward in her life and she'd grown up around many drunk old men playing poker with her father and leering at her. Her room, previously so inviting with its cabbage rose wallpaper and beautiful quilt, was now the last place she wanted to be. She stopped in the middle of the room and waited for direction and didn't have to wait long at all. Gabe had set the lamp on the chest of drawers, and was sitting on the side of her bed. Her stomach churned again as he held out his hand to her.
"Mr. Gabe, you don't have to do this. I understand the rules. I just stepped outside because I needed some air. I didn't go anywhere or do anything wrong, really. I wasn't even six feet from the saloon door. I was literally touching the wall!" She crossed her arms.
"I'm sorry, honey, but you clearly don't understand the rules, or you wouldn't have gone out by yourself at all. You will, however, understand much better by the time I'm through. Come here." He held out his hand to her again, his face determined and stern with his strong jaw and intense brown eyes.
"Please... I've never been spanked before. I don't think I can handle it." She wrung her hands together, fighting the urge to rub her watery eyes, willing them to dry up instead. She didn't want to be so weak.
He stood up and came the short few steps to stand in front of her. She flinched when he lifted his hand, but all he did was take her shoulders and draw her into his arms. His embrace was warm and comforting, almost fatherly.
"I've given many young ladies their first spanking. I can assure you, you can take it and will. It won't change anything, except your behavior and won't hurt anything but your naughty bottom and perhaps your pride. Now, stop fretting and let's get this over with." He retreated to the bed again, this time taking her hand and tugging her along with him.
Her first tear fell as she lay down over his thick thighs. She crossed her arms on the bed behind him and buried her face in her arms, thankful to be able to hide her tears. She cringed when he lifted her skirts and petticoat but when he began to untie the laces to her pantalets, she started to protest, throwing her hands back and arching her back.
"Mr. Gabe, no please. You can't see my... my..."
"Cease your antics right now, young lady." A hearty crack of fire seared her behind, stopping her immediately. "A punishment that is worth anything, must be on the bare bottom so that you learn your lesson. Now settle down, chiquita." The laces came loose and the last vestige of her modesty fell away when he tugged the fabric off her cheeks and down to her knees. "I suggest that next time you want to do something you know is not acceptable, you remember your shame right now."
She whimpered into her arms once again. Mortification coursed through her being. As soon as the man was done, she was out of there! She'd go back to St. Louis and stay with Aunt Margarethe if she had to. She could handle the humiliation of going back into her aunt's house much easier than this. No one should have to endure this abuse, whore or no.
"Delaney, are you listening to me at all?" The use of her given name snapped her back to the present. "I asked you a question."
"Uh, I didn't hear you," she confessed, looking over her shoulder.
"I asked why are you receiving this spanking? I want to be sure you understand." His hand rested on her thigh, the other arm rested across her back, holding her in place.
"I didn't obey your rule."
"What rule is that?" His voice was patient and not the least unkind.
"To never go outside at night unescorted."
"Why do we have that rule, Delaney?"
She sniffled. "To keep us safe."
"Why?" Apparently, he was going to draw this out all day.
"I don't know." She pouted, resisting the urge to belt out something snotty like 'to protect your investment.'
"Because we care, honey. I only punish you because I care. This life is hard. It's dangerous. I do my very best to keep our girls safe. If you can't respect that and the rules, then you are punished, plain and simple." He rubbed her back as he spoke. "You women are precious jewels and I'd hate for you to be hurt."
She couldn't help the sobs that came shuddering out of her. He was going so far to make her comfortable before spanking her. It was incomprehensible except that as he said, he really must care.
"I'm so sorry, Gabe. I'll never ever do it again."
"That makes me happy. This spanking will help you to remember that in case you forget anytime soon. Now let's get it over with." Without a chance to prepare for the first crack, it fell hard and heavy on the fullest swell of her bottom, then continued to the other, and back and forth, one cheek and then the other.
"Ow! Owie." She tossed her hand back to cup her abused posterior, hoping to stop him. This was definitely more than she agreed to, and she wasn't going to take any more of it. "Stop, I don't want this."
He simply took her hand and held it at the small of her back where he'd piled her skirts. "We're just getting started. It wouldn't be a punishment if you called the shots." He kept right on spanking, searing her with fiery spanks all over her bottom, from the swell to the fold, and right there at the tops of her thighs where she was most sensitive.
"Gabe! I'm sorry. I swear it's enough. I'll never, ever leave the saloon again. Please." She felt every spank deep in the meat of her posterior, achingly precise and often right on top of the last one.
"Relax your bottom and accept your spanking." He stopped swatting, and to her great relief rubbed some of the sting away. "It will make it go easier for you. Believe it or not, I don't like this anymore than you do. You're such a sweet girl, but you have to learn to be safe."
Thinking it to be over, she tried to get up, but he held her down and firmly in place with the warm hand resting at her lower back. She just wanted to run to her room and hide her shame in her pillow. Ack! She was in her room. She had nowhere to run. "Please let me go now!"
"We're not through, just giving you a small break." He picked up right where he left off, blistering her ass with the intensity of a man beating off demons.
She could do no more than to sag into her misery and sob. She was so stupid to think he wouldn't catch her or that he wouldn't spank her when he'd spanked every woman here at least once. "I'm so sorry..." she wailed.
"That's a good girl. I know you are going to behave better now. You don't want Jewel, Nettie, the other gems or myself to worry about you like we did tonight, now do you?" He accented his words with sharp stinging spanks obviously meant to drive his point home. Round after round of repetitious swats pulverized her backside until she was a blithering mess of apologies, ows and no mores.
"No, Gabe, no more, please. I'll never go outside again. I promise. I'll never disobey again."
"Don't go making promises you have no way of keeping. You have to go outside again at some time and we both know you will disobey again too." His chuckle was low but not mocking. He finally stopped spanking again, this time actually helping her to her feet. She didn't dare look at him, so she covered her face with her hands, wanting to die there on the spot. She was thankful when her skirt fell down to cover her shame although it did trap the heat in.
Gabe stood as well, and tugged her hands down as he pulled her into a hug once more. "There. It's over now. You take a couple of minutes to compose yourself, but then I want to see you in the card room again. Jewel and the other gems will be worried about you otherwise. And there is no sense staying up here pitying yourself and over thinking it." He stepped back and tilted her chin so she had to look at him. "You've been punished and forgiven. You're fine now. It's over and done with. But, know this, Chiquita, if you disobey again, you'll be right back here with your bottom bared except I'll be removing my belt. Is that clear?"
She nodded when it seemed he was waiting for a response, managing to whisper, "yes, sir" but unable to meet his eyes. She was too humiliated. She was thankful when he finally left the room, drawing her door closed behind him. She threw herself onto her bed and buried her face in her pillow, not even bothering to find her pantalets which had been kicked off sometime during her spanking.
How could she ever go out of her room again, knowing that everyone in the saloon had to know she'd been spanked by now? She would climb out her window and run away if she hadn't heard tales of another gem getting spanked for trying to do just that.
No. No, she wouldn't. She wasn't going anywhere, least of all back to her cold-hearted aunt. Besides that, until she'd saved up some more money, Delaney had no means with which to leave. She was actually very lucky to have her place dealing cards here at the Red Petticoat Saloon. Other establishments wouldn't allow a woman to work there unless she was willing to play upstairs as well as down. Not only wasn't she required to entertain clients with more than playing cards, Jewel had taken her in and fed her even before she technically had a job there. When the madam had declared that her gem name was to be Diamond, Delaney had asked why.
"Because though it is quite obvious that your heart is in the game, a heart is not a gemstone. However, a diamond is." She'd paused and reached out to give her newest gem a hug. "And you, young lady, are an absolutely brilliant card player."
Delaney must have looked a bit confused because Opal had giggled and said, "Brilliant... like the brilliance of a diamond. That's a perfect name for her, Jewel."
Yes, Delaney owed Jewel and Gabe respect at the very least. They were good people.
She'd pretty much unwound the tight knot in her stomach by then and was about ready to get up and head back out to the floor when a soft knock fell on her door.
"Diamond, you all right? Can I come in?" Jewel inquired.
Delaney rolled over and sat up, cringing when her raw bottom met the firm mattress below her. She hurriedly lifted a layer of her skirt to her eyes to try to wipe the worst of her face clean. "Yes, come on in."
The door creaked slowly and Jewel's smiling face appeared on the other side. "I was worried; just wanted to make sure you were all right." She came forward slowly and Delaney shifted to drop her feet over the side of the bed so she could sit up more fully.
"Aside from hoping I'll fall down a magic rabbit hole and never appear again, I'm fine. I'm just so embarrassed now." She gave a pathetic smile, and reached up to smooth her hair back. What a mess.
"I brought you some of Nettie's fresh squeezed lemonade. It was her excuse so I could come to check in on you, but of course, it was already set in my head to come. Anyway, if you are anything like me when I get paddled, you cried terribly hard, are parched and now have a sore throat. This will help with all of that." She handed the tall glass to Delaney with a sympathetic smile.
"You've been spanked too?" She couldn't help but be surprised the madam received spankings too. She was so elegant and sophisticated; surely Jewel never did anything to warrant spanking! Delaney took a long drink and averted her gaze as Jewel giggled, her face flushing beautifully.
"Of course, silly girl. Probably more times than all of the gems put together, and sometimes they are even a punishment." Delaney must have looked shocked for Jewel laughed. "Most times they are good-girl spankings, but believe me, I've had my share of punishments and I wouldn't wish them on anyone. But I want you to understand, I know I deserve it if Gabe issues it. He is an honest, fair and compassionate man. He just wants to keep us all safe and takes that job very seriously."
"You love him so much. That's sweet. I can't imagine anyone doing that for fun. What is a good-girl spanking?"  As soon as she'd put voice to the words, an image of herself over the marshal's thighs popped into her head. The confusing thing was the way her loins tightened with longing. She sipped her lemonade, searching for something to occupy herself.
Jewel rubbed her arm. "Hmmm, I suppose it would be different for each couple. It's still a spanking, but often not as hard. There is a lot more rubbing, some intimate stroking... well, I'm sure you get the point. Anyway, it's more than love with Gabe; I trust and respect him. I guess I just wanted to reassure you that Gabe only punishes those he loves. It's his way of caring for you. I suppose with all the gals who have come and gone so far, it seems common for men to care for their ladies in this manner. Anyway, I hope that you see the punishment for what it was, and that you are all right now."
"Thank you, Jewel. I was feeling pretty pathetic. I'm still embarrassed and don't know how I'll face everyone. I mean they all have to know what just happened." Delaney set the glass on the little table by her bed, stood and went to her small mirror. Her face was still red and puffy from crying, even in the half-light.
"Even if you are right, it hardly matters. It doesn't mean you are bad person. Every gem in this place has been spanked at some time. If anything, they can probably sympathize with you." She got up and came to Delaney's side, took the pitcher of water from her wash stand then dampened a hand cloth. "Here hold this on your eyes for a little while, then refresh it and try again. Give it a couple minutes and you'll be good as new-well, from the waist up anyway." She chuckled, then added, "I'm sorry. I'll give you some peace, but do come out in a bit so everyone will see that you are just fine."
"Thank you, Jewel, you've helped me a lot. I'll be out in a few minutes." She took the cloth and did as Jewel asked. It was refreshing. Well, since the spanking hadn't killed her and she had yet to die of humiliation, perhaps she would be all right after all.
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Delia Grace
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You can contact Delia here:
IG: sarahyoungakadeliagrace

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But she doesn't stay there long; awakening one morning to find a man in her room who seems to think it is the nineteenth century, that she is a lady of the evening, and who, she discovers quickly as bullets fly past her head, is a disgraced Texas Ranger who is on the run from the law himself.
It doesn't take long for Cimmy to discover that she isn't dreaming, she hasn't lost her mind, but that she has indeed traveled back in time... to the year 1880, to be exact.
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Elyse hides in plain sight, but Robert will stop at nothing to capture and punish her for the misery she has managed to heap upon his army. Will the vanquished become the victor, or will Robert finally win her heart?
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An Unlikely Widow by Dort Wesley
Oliver Herring had been a lawman for a long time and he considered himself a good judge of people until the day Valerie Masters rode into his town. His first mistake was thinking she was a young boy riding recklessly and who was in need of a stern talking to. When he heard her sweet, sexy voice, he thought she was a young girl because of her petite figure in the well-worn jeans. He also decided her insistence on going into a saloon would be dangerous and get her into trouble she couldn't handle. When words and sweet reason failed him, he picked her up and draped her over the hitching rail and started spanking.
Val Masters was furious with the big man for blocking her way into the saloon to arrest Blade McCall, a former employee who had stolen money from her. By the time Val freed herself from Oliver, McCall had flown. She yelled at the Sheriff, as it was all his fault. Oliver threw her in jail and demanded to know her father's name so he could send for him to come and get her. There was no way he would believe Val's tall tale that she was a widow with grown sons! To his chagrin, he learned from his favorite little waitress that he had made a big mistake. Oliver ordered food for both of them and headed back to the jail to apologize and eat crow and hope the meal was a good peace offering. Only thing, Val had escaped and fled the town. Oliver swore he was going to give her a spanking to make the other one seem like love pats!
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Only You by Coleen Singer

Only You by Coleen Singer


Riker Spelling couldn't help the fact that he found himself on her doorstep, offering to help her get over another heartache.  A more serious one than usual, but still, the bad ending to a relationship that wasn't with him, the man she considered to be a brother.
He and Kyah Martin had been best friends since neither of them knew what a best friend was, but he wanted more than that from her.
Kyah looked at her successful, gorgeous best friend and knew that she wasn't the woman for him, despite the fact that the both of them knew they were sexually compatible. He needed to marry a Victoria's Secret model, which she, most definitely, was not.  She had to keep him at arm's length, for his own good.
But when she let Riker in, she had no idea that he intended to settle for nothing less than what she had given to the fiancé who had run around on her.
He didn't just want to be her boyfriend, he wanted to be her Dom.
Publisher's Disclaimer: Contains graphic sexual scenes and punishment spankings.
"He was entirely too easy on you."
Although he said it under his breath, she heard every word of his low, rumbling growl. As she knew he meant her to, even though he was supposed to be comforting her at this moment, not suggesting that she was bratty and needed to be disciplined more and criticizing how her now ex boyfriend/Dom - such as he was - had handled her.
Well, she supposed the latter was okay...
After the blow up to end all blow ups this afternoon - how did she end up sounding like a shrieking harpy when she almost never yelled at anyone? She'd thrown his engagement ring back at him, locked him out of her house - and herself into it - changed her Facebook status back to "single" and cried herself to sleep in a pathetic heap on the couch.
That was all it had taken for him to arrive on her doorstep, the loud pounding on her front door rousing her out of an almost drugged sleep, but barely.
She knew exactly who it was, without having to get up. No one else in her world would bang on the door like that - as if it should simply open because it was him.
And there it was again, loud enough to wake the dead, or the rough equivalent, which would be waking her ancient neighbors from their afternoon naps.
"Open up, Kyah. I know you're in there. You don't have to go through this alone."
If she'd been in a better mood, she might have laughed. He sounded like her gay best friend, although he was anything but.
Oh, he was her best friend all right - since they were both in diapers - but no one who'd spent more than a second with him would mistake him for gay.
Although he wasn't a womanizer, exactly, either.
Truth be told, though, Riker Delano Spelling was one tall, cool drink of water - much too cool for her, but he never seemed to let that bother him - or even notice it - in the least.
A long, lean, surprisingly powerful six-four, with a full head of long black hair that just brushed his shoulders, a Mr. Spock style goatee that he kept very neatly trimmed, and eyes so blue they were very nearly black, meant that he could have any woman he wanted. Hell, they came to him. They practically fought over each other in front of him, while he just sat back and watched, with that deceptively lazy gaze of his.
But as laid back as he appeared, nothing got by him, and she - this - his presence on her doorstep - was proof of that. No one else had so much as commented on her status change - or called her or texted her about it, even just for the juicy details - but he was here, in person.
Nothing got by him in regards to her, anyway.
She'd known as soon as she'd saved the change to her status that he'd be there.
It was only a matter of time.
Riker stood on her steps, making a spectacle of himself to her neighbors, not that he much cared about that kind of thing, but Albuquerque in the summer was not the place to be standing out in the sun - especially not with the provisions he'd spent the past hour acquiring for her in anticipation of what was to come.
He had already mentally decided that he was going to knock on the door once more - and give her his most Dommish tone - before he broke the blasted thing down. Not that he didn't have a key to her place. He did. But it would feel so much better to him to expend some of the anger that had been building in him since she'd begun seeing that man to pictures of his face as he slammed his shoulder into it/him.
Riker was certainly sorry for her pain, but he'd been waiting for her to ditch Asshole Aidan - as he'd begun referring to the other man in his mind since not long after they'd met for the first time - for entirely too long.
And his motives for wanting her to do so were far from lily white.
Yes, he'd wanted Aidan about as far away from Kyah as he could get and still remain on the planet. But then, he'd felt that same way about every man she'd ever dated, and not all of them had been asshats.
He'd even liked some of them, which was almost worse.
"Kyah," he warned ominously as he pounded on the door. "Open this door, immediately. I'm not Aidan, and I'm not going to let you get away with -"
He heard the locks click off, but the door didn't open.
He grinned to himself, thinking it was just like her to do the least possible thing that was the closest to obeying him she could get, without actually doing so. Damn, if she was his, he thought for the zillionth time, he'd never let her get away with stuff like that.
But both the reality of their relationship and the extent of the pain he knew she was going through wiped any trace of a smile from his face as he entered her neat and tidy little home.
She was on the couch in what he recognized as her "hurt" pajamas - they were kid-like, a cotton t-shirt and matching pants that went so well together, they almost looked like footie pajamas, with pictures of fairies all over them - a crumpled hunk of Kleenex in her hand, slumped over dejectedly and sniffling. His heart broke for her; he knew she never approached any relationship casually, and she had actually been engaged to Aidan - she had never done that with anyone else.
That supposedly happy bit of news - about which he knew she expected him to be ecstatic - had, instead, sent a cold chill through his body.
He was going to lose her - permanently - to another man, if he didn't do something drastic.
What he had chosen to do, had driven a nearly irreparable wedge between them, and they'd gone the longest they'd ever been without seeing each other - almost a year, with him dying more inside the entire time, knowing he was the cause of their rift.
Well, Aidan was actually the root cause.
But he was a man who took responsibility for his own actions and deciding to tell Kyah about the fact that her fiancé was cheating on her had been the wrong one.
The very wrong one.
He'd learned a hard lesson about interfering in her life; one he would never repeat if things remained the way they were and they never became a couple themselves. She'd come as close to punching him as she ever had - and she did crack him one across the face. The woman had a mean right arm on her - all that softball pitching, he guessed. He knew that if it had been within her physical capabilities, she would have physically thrown him out of this very house, praying he landed on his head and snapped his stupid neck.
Working himself back into her good graces had taken a long time and a lot of intestinal fortitude on his end - in putting up with watching her with Aidan - which he hadn't been sure he had at the time, but apparently, he did.
Somehow, he had managed to keep himself from killing the man, but he was just biding his time until the younger guy put his foot wrong.
Which he'd finally done.
So Riker was here to help her pick up the pieces, as he always had been and always would be.
Only this time, he was going to do a better job of presenting himself as a viable alternative, when she got to the point where she was interested in dating again.
Or maybe sooner.
He'd see how things played out.
"I come bearing a Breakup Survival Kit, but I need to put some stuff away and then I'm going to hold you while you cry, darlin', so you only have to hang on by yourself for a couple seconds longer, I promise."
She nodded, and he headed for the kitchen with his emergency care package, and the sight of him - the physical, real proof of how much he cared for her - had her sobbing again. She didn't deserve him, not in any way.
Kyah knew what was in his patented Break Up Survival Kit - unfortunately, this wasn't the first time he'd come to hold her while she sobbed her heart out all over his beautiful white shirt. Unless she missed her guess, it held all of her favorite things. The things she rarely allowed herself to eat. There was spicy, crispy chicken with extra pork fried rice and an egg roll from Lotus, mega peanut M&Ms and mega stuffed Oreos. Definitely a theme there - a half gallon of Jose - Coke Zero, and two pints of Everything But The Flavor of Ben & Jerry's, plus whatever else he might have seen in the supermarket that he thought might strike her fancy.
She also knew that he had dropped everything to come be with her, and he was at least as much of a workaholic as she was, so that was saying something. Besides his immediate family, she knew that she was the only other person in the world who could get him to miss work.
Ri was as quick as his word, and she heard him folding the reusable grocery bags into the space under her sink, where everyone kept them, before he headed to her.
As he rounded the corner from the kitchen, his strides so enormous that they always seemed to mesmerize her, especially since - despite his size - his movements were always very fluid and elegant and graceful - the opposite of her, he was talking to her in that luscious soft tone he always used whenever she was hurt - physically or otherwise. Riker took his assigned position, leaning back against the corner of the couch, pulling her gently, inexorably against him - not that she was putting up any kind of a fight - just the opposite. She'd been counting the minutes until he arrived, until she could really begin to mourn her now defunct relationship in the atmosphere of safety and love that he always provided for her.
Like her, Riker was raised by a single mom and had grown up being surrounded by women since his only blood sibling was a sister, and, somehow, he ended up a wonderfully striking balance of confident masculinity mixed with absolutely no fear of emotion - his own or anyone else's. He was an inveterate hugger, and he adored women of all kinds, although he did kind of tend to lean towards the smarter, funnier ones who were also confident and accomplished.
That had her constantly wondering what it was that he saw in her, even though they were just friends. She'd seen him date all sorts of women, although he'd never gotten all that serious about any of them, they were all doctors or lawyers or successful in business, as he was.
She was a teacher. That was all she'd ever wanted to be, and it was probably what she'd be doing when she died - unless it was summer vacation, of course, or the rumors about them cutting back teachers to balance the budget proved to be true. Since she had no interest in going into the administration side of things, and having already attained her masters, she'd already gone just about as far as she was going to go in her career path, and that was fine with her. She adored teaching the fourth grade - although she'd done fifth and third, too, over the years - and honestly looked forward to meeting a new batch of them every fall.
So she was hardly a CEO or a mover and a shaker of any sort. She was much closer to being his sister than his lover, but she was really neither. Yet he continued to hang around her - much more than he hung around anyone else, male or female.
And he never shied away from doing things like this, either. She couldn't remember a time when she didn't feel as if he always had a watchful eye trained on her. They were brought up together - very much a part of each other's families as their moms were best friends in the same single parent boat - but he was a year older, and she thought perhaps that had made him feel a bit responsible for her.
Not that it bothered her, she kind of liked it - more than she probably should.
The same went for him, although she did her best to hide it, for a reason she could never really put her finger on. It wasn't as if getting together hadn't occurred to them. It most certainly had. Somehow, the timing was never right, and she was, understandably, worried that taking that next - seemingly inevitable step - might hurt their friendship irreparably.
Like he almost did more than a year ago, when he'd been a truly stand-up friend and had told her what she'd already suspected about Aidan - that he was fucking around on her. But she couldn't take it in, didn't want to hear it when he said it. Kyah knew he'd done it as gently as he could - but there was really no easy, good way to tell anyone that kind of thing, and she had flown off the handle.
Afterwards, they hadn't spoken for much too long - with her missing him terribly the whole time, almost texting him, almost calling him more times than she could count, with no one to call. There was no one else in her life quite like Riker - when she was home alone, knowing, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that her so-called fiancé was out balling another woman.
Even when they finally began to drift closer again, it was terribly awkward at first, when it hadn't ever been before.
She knew that was entirely her own fault, although she hadn't apologized at the time.
Now, she knew she needed to issue the heartfelt apology she owed him.
So, after allowing herself to weep and cry and cling to him - marveling in the back of her mind, as she always did, at just how solid he was, how strong but wonderfully tender he was with her - she sat up, still thinking about him as she did so. He didn't do what so many men in his position - with a crying woman on their hands - would do automatically, without so much as a thought. He wasn't trying to solve her problem for her. He wasn't trying to get her to stop crying. He wasn't saying anything - beyond softly murmured nothings of pure comfort and support - as he rocked her slowly back and forth, keeping a box of Kleenex at the ready, expecting and demanding nothing from her, just quietly offering himself to her as a safe place in which to fall completely apart.
And she had and was likely to again, for as long as he was here. He wasn't impatient, he never tried to push her to recover before her time because it was more convenient for him for her to do so, or because he was sick of hearing her whining.
But, as she snuffled and blew her nose, then snuggled back against him, feeling his powerful arms closing around her comfortingly, she cleared her throat and said what she needed to say, "I owe you a big apology, Riker. I'm very sorry for being such a nasty bitch to you when I knew, in the back of my mind, even as I was trying to bulldoze you out the door - that you were right. I just didn't want to see it, and I was -" A huge, painful lump appeared in her throat, and her eyes filled again with tears, but this time for a different reason than before, her voice tremulous as she continued. "I was so ashamed that you knew what I already did." Kyah buried her face in her hands. "It was almost worse than what he was doing, knowing that you knew. I have never been so embarrassed and humiliated in my life."
Riker had surmised as much, but he couldn't talk to her about it at the time. She wouldn't have heard him. "I understand, honey, but you should know that there's no need for you to feel that way. I can see why you would, but you don't have to. It's me. I love you - even your stupidest decisions."
He got whacked a good one for that, but went on, anyway. "Didn't I say you shouldn't do a home perm? Hmm? Or that you shouldn't go on that roller coaster at Six Flags after you'd just eaten ice cream, funnel cakes and pretzels?"
"I hate it when you're right," she grumbled.
He grinned broadly. "I'm always right, little girl."
Inwardly, she preened at that nickname and the fact that he used it freely, even now, when she was far from it, but only with her.
Kyah snorted. "There's no ego in your family - you got it all."
"I can't help it," he replied, with no humility at all.
Suddenly serious, and fidgeting with the button on his shirt, her eyes darted to his then down again. "Well, I'm very sorry for the way I treated you. You sure were spot on about him, anyway."
Riker's big hand covered hers, squeezing gently and kissing the top of her head loudly. "You are always forgiven, sweetie. And, for what it's worth, I wish I wasn't right this time, darlin'. You know I hate to see you hurting in any way."
Big wet drops began to appear on his shirt as she began to weep again, and he held her close to his chest throughout the storm, rubbing her back lazily and just letting her cry it out.
When she'd quieted, he whispered against her hair, "How long has it been since you've had anything to eat?" Riker knew that - although her first impulse was usually to eat most anything at any time - unlike most women in his experience, when Kyah was in full mourning, her appetite completely deserted her and she was apt not to eat for days at a time, if someone wasn't watching over her and seeing to it that she did.
When the man who had become her stepfather late in life - a wonderful guy she had come to love - had died suddenly, he'd made himself as available to her as he could without intruding on her grief. He still kicked himself mentally that she had actually collapsed one day at work because she hadn't eaten, in something ridiculous, like five days.
If she'd truly been his, she would have taken her meals - and he would have made sure she ate every single one of them - standing up for the next five days for not having looked after herself as she should.
But he didn't have that right, although he had put his foot down as far as he could and made sure she resumed eating, promising the attending doctor that he'd see to it himself.
She hadn't looked very worried.
Ky pulled away a bit, as far as he would allow her, which wasn't far, but she didn't say anything, obviously avoiding his question.
But Riker wouldn't sit still for that kind of thing - her simply avoiding his question - and she knew it, although he'd never really done anything about it. His censure was usually more than enough. She hated it when he was unhappy with her in any way, and disappointing him was absolutely not an option. He wasn't like any of the men she'd dated. In fact, the majority of them were the polar opposite of him. She wondered whether that was subconscious. She always looked for a guy who she clicked with, who was also interested in being her Dom.
Although she'd had a couple of serious relationships, none of those guys were really comfortable with that role. Oh, they had no problems taking charge in the bedroom, which was great, but they didn't seem to want to expand that into other areas of their relationship, which was really what she wanted. She wanted the lifestyle, not just role-play.
Aidan had come the closest of all of them to what she wanted ideally, which was why she'd said yes when he popped the question - for the fifth time.
Kyah knew that Riker would never have proposed to her so many times. He would ask her once - with all the usual trappings, of course. He'd probably even get down on one knee - but if she turned him down, and he decided she was worth another shot - which she thought he probably would - he'd remove the choice, somehow, or make it very hard, very uncomfortable, for her to say no to him.
That very provocative thought had her squirming on his lap until he stilled her forcibly, saying her name in that way that always made her stomach clench.
Contorting her lips and refusing to look at him, her answer came in the form of a reluctant, naughty girl whisper, without her trying to make it sound that way, "I dunno. Sometime day before yesterday or so?"
His unsuppressed growl had her eyes flying to his. "You, my bratty little friend, should be spanked for that."
She rose to the bait immediately, chin going into the air automatically, as if to countermand his edict. "Aidan never spanked me for not eating. He wanted me to be skinny."
"Aidan was an idiot, who apparently has no concept of low blood sugar and the deleterious effects that skipping meals has to one's diet."
She had to smile at his snark and vehemence, but it was his hand on her bottom that made her gasp and look up at him.
"He was entirely too easy on you."
Ky bit her lip, her eyes still plastered to his, as if she couldn't quite tear them away, but she couldn't let that remark go without saying something. "Well, that's your opinion. And you are neither my boyfriend nor my Dom."
He didn't seem at all phased by her tone; in fact, he patted her bottom emphatically as he spoke. "And you should count yourself very lucky that I am not - yet - either of those to you, Kyah Elizabeth Dennison, because you know that you will get away with a lot less when I'm lucky enough to take you in hand."
She played his words over in her mind as he scooted out from under her, placing her gently on the couch as he headed back to the kitchen without another word.
He'd said she wasn't his yet, but he'd spoken as if it was imminent.
A shudder that was far from delicate ran through her at the thought of actually being his.


New from Zoe Blake, USA TODAY Bestselling Author


When Mason caught sight of the beautiful woman with honey-brown hair and violet eyes, he could think of only one thing... revenge. For three long years during the War Between the States, he was forced to wait to learn who had murdered his brother. The wait was over. He would take everything from the man; his wealth, his power... his daughter.

Annabelle was getting as far away from Vulture City, Arizona and her step-father as she could, even if she had to marry the boring banker's son to do it. On the morning she planned to elope, a handsome stranger shows up claiming her step-father lost her in a poker game and she was now his. She will fight him tooth and nail every step of the trail even as his punishments get harsher and more creative.
Ride Hard Series - Three Soldiers, One Single Purpose.
Three soldiers who don't give a damn about the War Between the States or that they were on the losing side. All they care about is it's over... they can finally seek their revenge.
Contains anal play, domestic discipline, and creative cowboy-style punishments.
Zoe Blake
#1 Best Selling Author in Victorian and Historical Erotica
We are all attracted to the forbidden. Addicted to the rush we get from reading something naughty...something kinky. We love to lose ourselves in the fantasy. The powerful lord who sweeps the lady away to his remote estate to ravish her. The cowboy who takes the sassy city girl over his knee to teach her a lesson. The devilishly charming pirate who seduces his beautiful captive. I write those erotic fantasies.
Don't miss these exciting titles by Zoe Blake and Blushing Books!
Papa's Little Pain Princess
A Captive of Chance
Vulture City, Arizona
His only warning was a muffled feminine screech followed by the high-pitched sound of shattering glass. A large shiny object fell at his feet. Reaching down, Mason picked up the brush. It was sterling silver with an ornate floral patterned silver back and polished ivory handle.
There was the sound of a window sash being raised, then an indignant voice called out, "That is my brush!"
Mason raised gunmetal gray eyes to clash with irate cornflower blue ones.
Large blue eyes framed by a heart-shaped face with a pert little chin stared back. Her lush pink lips were topped by a small, round-tip nose. Thick ringlets of honey-brown hair fell unbound over her shoulders.
Tilting his Stetson back, to catch a better look, Mason drawled, "Not to be contrary, miss, but I believe it is now my brush. I did just find it here in the dust."
Her pretty eyes flashed with anger as she pounded on the wooden window ledge with the heel of her hand. "I'm the one that threw it! It's mine!"
Giving a low whistle as he twirled the brush by its smooth handle, Mason responded, "There again, miss. A thinkin man would say when a pretty lady throws a brush through a window, she no longer wants to possess it."
The woman was leaning out the carelessly broken window of a massive three-story home with brightly painted wood and quarry stone. Its sheer size and purely ornamental garden in stark contrast to the clapboard, ramshackle cabins with their small, withered vegetable gardens lining Main Street and beyond. Only the bank and saloon could rival it in splendor. The mayor's house...and this must be the mayor's daughter.
Her comely looks were going to make his revenge that much sweeter.
"Listen, you gray back cow punch! I want my brush!"
He would also enjoy putting that naughty mouth of hers to better use.
Mason Weiser rolled his shoulders, adjusting the weight of the heavy leather saddlebags. Dressed in a navy, spun-wool shirt with leather vest and red bandanna. Buckskin California pants, hugging his waist and falling loosely over a scuffed pair of Cavalry boots and a thick black leather belt secured with a tarnished brass buckle emblazoned with a capital "CS". He wasn't exactly hiding the fact he was a cowboy making his way in the world after bearing the brunt of being on the losing side of the War Between the States. The holstered Colt 1860 Army revolver and coiled cow whip hung low on his belt let everyone know he wasn't keen to talk about it.
At over six feet, there were few men who could look Mason in the eye, which suited him just fine. He preferred to keep folks at arm's length. Unfortunately, the same could not be said of women of marriageable age...and some well beyond. Sharp handsome features, piercing gray eyes, coffee brown hair the wrong side of church-proper length and a scruffy jaw that had only had a passing acquaintance with a razor was a dog whistle to any woman looking to tame and civilize a man. Mason wasn't interested. Give him a willing painted lady, a few coins and a decent shot of rotgut without too much turpentine and he was content. After what he lived through in the war, his expectations from life and society as a whole were low.
Until he received the letter.
The letter telling him his brother had been murdered.
Life took on a different, singular, intense purpose. Revenge.
"Do you know who my father is?" snapped the bit-o-honey from the window.
Mason lowered his head, shielding his expression.
"Why yes, miss, I do. Soon, he'll know me," he cryptically intoned before stashing her brush in his saddlebag. Ignoring her shriek of fury, Mason strolled the rough-hewed boards down Main Street towards the bathhouse. He had a plan to put into action.
Annabelle was so shocked at the rude stranger's action she raised her shoulders to shout one last time at his retreating back. The motion caused her to crack her skull on the windowsill. The sudden shock of pain not improving her already foul mood. Pulling her body back into the safety of her bedroom, Annabelle gave a large shard of broken glass from the window a kick, sending it sliding across the polished wood floor before tangling with the thick fringe of her bedroom carpet.
Rubbing the back of her head, she stomped over to the small upholstered stool in front of her mirrored vanity. Sitting down with a humph, she stared at her reflection in the polished glass. The encounter with that outrageous cowboy had given her cheeks a high rosy glow. The soft pink contrasted nicely with her porcelain skin. She took care to never step a foot out of the house without a bonnet and parasol to preserve her milky-white complexion. Cocking her head at an angle, she admired how a stray sunbeam made her unique violet eyes sparkle and her pale tawny hair appear almost golden. Instinctively she reached for her brush, intending to brush the lush locks to a burnished gold. Clenching her fists in anger, she pounded on the small table. Damn that cowboy!
Annabelle didn't really care about the brush. She would simply buy another but there was a problem. It was part of a mirror and comb set gifted to her by her step-father. Every one of the servants in the large household were his personal spies. Reporting on Annabelle's every movement. Her fit of anger and loss of the brush would surely get back to him. Even if her own maid did not betray her, as she was wont to do, her step-father was bound to notice the jagged hole in one of the house's front windows!
There was no point in concocting a lie. He knew why she was upset.
Ever since the death of her mother two years past, her step-father had increased his attentions towards Annabelle. At nineteen, she was well-past marriageable age and yet he had refused every offer she had received. The latest from the rather handsome and very rich banker's son. This time he didn't even bother to come up with an excuse. There wasn't much he could say about her suitor's respectable family and their wealth. Sure the son was a bit boring with the personality of old dishwater but that wasn't his problem, it would be hers as his wife. Annabelle couldn't give a fig about being entertained by a potential husband. She would have his money to buy pretty gowns and jewelry and her own personal coach to travel to bigger cities where they had fancy restaurants and theaters! Entertained by a husband, indeed!
Over breakfast this morning, her step-father had the audacity to hint at forcing her to become his wife. The very idea was outrageous! Even though they didn't share blood, he had raised her since she was a little girl. They had never been close but that was far from the point. Surely it would be breaking one of God's laws?
What sent a chill up her spine was he just may succeed with the awful plan. As the mayor and wealthiest resident of Vulture City, he practically owned the entire town. No one stood up to Jacob Waltze. His German ancestry made him a stubborn force to be reckoned with under any circumstance. She might not have a choice. Her step-father had all the money and power. She wasn't like those frontier women she saw coming into town for supplies. Eking out a living in the wild territories. Having to make do with home-spun cloth and boiled soap!
Annabelle ran a hand down the bodice of her sapphire blue princess cut dress. Sweeping her hair into a loose chignon at the back of her neck, she held it in place with a pearl encrusted comb. No, she couldn't possibly run away and risk winding up in some shack making her own food and being forced to wash in some creek. She would just have to come up with another plan.
Perhaps she could convince that dumb banker's son to elope and run away to San Francisco?

Eternal Road to Love: The Fab Five Series by Anna Kristell

Eternal Road to Love: The Fab Five Series
by Anna Kristell

Madison Grey's life has been out of control since she was fifteen. After learning the truth surrounding her birth, she feels betrayed by all who profess to love her. It takes the understanding and patience of her childhood friend, Caleb Winters, Jr., to convince her that they were only trying to protect her from her biological father.
But when she accidentally meets a man she believes could be that father, what will she do? Will she confront him, ignore him or let it go, once and for all?
As a romance blossoms between Madison and Caleb, so does a new friendship and, possibly, closure.
In the final Fab Five book, the original characters will make several appearances, as they attempt to help Madison in her time of need.
The Fab Five series originally began with Crossroad to Love, a story of four lifelong friends from Indiana, now in their forties. Each of the women was at a crossroad in her life. Inspired by my own lifelong group of friends from Indiana, Crossroad to Love became a much-loved book by many and went on to become a series. Each book centered on one of the children or friends of one of the original characters and was filled with drama as the hero and heroine eventually found their way to each other along the road to romance.
Katy, Lizzie, Mari, Angie and Chloe, the women who make up the Fab Five, made an appearance in each book, sometimes playing a big part in the story, other times, simply being there, in the background. Each story leads into the next, and although you can read them as standalones, to get the full effect, you should start with book one and work your way through the set.
In this, what may very well be the final addition, you will see Madison Rose come into her own. If you have kept up with the series, you know who she is. If not, you will soon find out.
Please join me now, as I lead you down the road one more time.
To make it easier to know the numerous characters in this series, I have created a list of the families involved.
The O'Gradys, owners of a restaurant chain:
Wife, Katy
Stepson, Alex Barron, married to Chelsea, their daughter, Bree, named after Alex's sister, who was killed, along with their father, in a car crash, years ago.
Wife, Chloe
Twin daughters, Mari Kate and Angie Beth
The Jacobis:
Jon, a surgeon
Wife, Marianne, known as Mari, a nurse
Son, Jackson, a doctor, married to Stacie, a physical therapist, daughters, Jacie and Julia
Son, Jordan, a football coach, married to Abbi, a social worker, children, Hayley Jo and Jonathan
The Harts, owners of a successful advertising agency:
Daughter, Cara, married to Nick Reid, who works in the family business, children, Caleb Walters (from Cara's first marriage) and Cain Reid
Son, Colt, married to Kendyl, also works in the family business, son Charles Rex
The Grays:
Michael, an architect, married to Angie, who works for the O'Gradys, adopted daughter, Madison Rose, biological daughter of Abbi Young Jacobi
There are other characters, the families the Fab children married into and employees of the O'Gradys, whose stories meld together with the main characters. So, sit back, enjoy your favorite beverage and settle in to the rest of the story.
Abbi Jacobi sat in the huge high school auditorium and looked around at the familiar faces surrounding her. She smiled up at her husband, Jordan, as he squeezed her hand in reassurance.
Seated next to her was her mother, who was holding Abbi's sleeping three-year-old son, Jonathan. Hayley Jo, her five-year-old daughter, sat next to her other grandmother, Mari Jacobi.
They were all there, the group of family and friends who had supported each other through the years. Her parents, Jordan's family, her brother and his family, along with the O'Gradys, the Harts and, of course, the Grays, all sat near her. They were there to see sweet Madison Rose receive her high school diploma, along with the rest of her class.
Madison was Abbi's biological daughter, the result of a date rape eighteen years ago, when she was fifteen. The Grays, Michael and Angie, unable to have children of their own, made the difficult decision to adopt the baby girl legally, entering into an open adoption with Abbi and her family. Maddi had grown up believing the Youngs to be close friends of the family, and she and Abbi had shared a close relationship. Until that fateful night, when the time finally came for the girl to learn the truth, the night Michael and Angie told her the story of how she came to be. Abbi shuddered involuntarily as the memory came rushing back to her.
Three years earlier...
Abbi was sitting in the great room of the new home she shared with her husband, Jordan. She was tired, hot and pregnant, awaiting the arrival of their son. Their little girl, Hayley Jo, was asleep in her room. She heard Jordan's phone ring, but thought nothing of it. When he walked into the room, and she saw the look on his face, she asked, "What is it, babe?"
She wasn't prepared for the words that came out of his mouth. "Sweetheart, that was Michael on the phone."
"Michael...is Maddi okay? Please, tell me she is all right!" Fear gripped her heart, tightening around it like a vice, as thoughts of an accident ran through her mind.
Jordan sat down next to her on the couch and took her hand. "There was a bit of an argument, when Madison wanted to attend an unsupervised party, apparently."
Abbi closed her eyes. "It could be me, all over again, at that age," she said.
"Exactly, which is why, after arguing with her and getting nowhere, Michael and Angie decided the time had come to tell her everything."
Abbi sighed. "We knew this day was coming. How did she take the news?"
Jordan hesitated. Finally, he replied, "Not well, I'm afraid. Michael said she stormed out of the house. He thinks she may be on her way here, to confront you. They are on their way. If she doesn't come here, we will have to start looking for her."
"Oh," was the only word she could get out of her mouth, which had suddenly gone dry.
"You have to remain calm, Abbi. You know what the doctor said, no undue stress."
"How can I stay calm? My daughter is on her way over here to ask me why I gave her up, fifteen years ago."
"Fifteen years ago, you were a frightened teenager, who had been raped at a party. For years, you didn't even know the identity of the boy who spiked your drink."
"At least Michael had the foresight to call and warn us," she answered glumly.
"I hear a car in the drive. I'll bet it's her. Michael and Angie shouldn't be too far behind." He got up and went to the window. Peering out between the blinds, he saw Madison get out of her car and stop. She was standing in the driveway, as if she was unsure of what to do, now that she was here. He turned to his wife. "She's here. Maddi and I have always had a good rapport. I hope I am able to calm her down."
A few minutes later, the doorbell rang. Jordan took a deep breath and opened the door. He smiled warmly, "Madison, what a nice surprise. Come on in." He stood aside and waved his arm in invitation for her to enter.
The girl, who had obviously been crying, said, "Hi, Jordan, is Abbi at home? I need to speak to her, please."
"She is resting in the great room. You know, the doctor ordered lots of rest and minimal stress," he reminded her as he led her to his wife.
"I don't want to stress anyone out, but there are some questions I need answers to. My parents told me some distressing news earlier. Or should I say, the people I always thought were my parents. But that's not really true, is it? You guys are my real parents. And now, you have another daughter, and, soon, you'll have a son, kids that you'll raise together and love, in a way you never loved me."
Stunned by the assumption that Jordan was her father, Abbi answered her slowly, "Honey, please sit down. I think you misunderstood. Maybe, in your shock at hearing this news, you thought they said that Jordan is your biological father. I need to tell you what really happened."
"So, you slept around, told everyone you got raped." Turning to Jordan, she spat out, "I can't believe you married her anyway. You had to know the truth."
"Sit down, Madison. You need to listen," Jordan said kindly.
The ringing of the doorbell interrupted them. Jordan watched as Madison sat down in one of the chairs facing the couch, before he went to answer it. "Michael, Angie, thank God you're here. Maddi is under the impression that I am her father. When we dispelled that notion, she accused Abbi of sleeping around. You were right, she is not thinking clearly, and the news has thrown her for a loop. Come in. They are in the great room."
When Jordan came back into the room with the Grays, Madison rolled her eyes. "Great, so you followed me."
Jordan whispered to Abbi his intentions and then excused himself, while the others got comfortable. He went into the kitchen, put on a pot of coffee and phoned Abbi's parents. When he asked them to join them, they agreed to drive over as soon as they could.
He returned to find the four of them sitting in cold, stony silence. Abbi wiped a tear that had fallen onto her cheek. Immediately, he went to her and sat down. Taking her hand in his, he told her that her parents were on their way.
"Oh, this just keeps getting better and better. Let's just have a party and invite all the Fabs over. I'm sure they were all in on this from the start, anyway," Maddi said in agitation.
"Madison Rose, please, I know you are upset. Yelling and screaming isn't going to solve anything. You need to calm down and listen to what Abbi has to say," Michael admonished.
"Might as well wait until Granny and Gramps get here, so I can get the whole scoop."
Abbi began to cry again. Jordan took her in his arms and spoke soothingly to her. Angie went to Madison and tried to comfort her, but her daughter rewarded her by pushing her away.
Michael stood up. "I'll go into the kitchen and get us all a cup of that coffee you just made."
"Herbal tea for me, please," Abbi said. "And there are sodas in the fridge for Maddi."
"Yeah, I guess I always wondered why you were so nice, always taking me to the park when I was little and having me over to visit," Maddi said. "You always said to make myself at home, hmph, seeing as how this should be my home, it makes sense now."
Fresh tears rolled down Abbi's cheeks.
Michael returned with a tray containing coffee, herbal tea and a soda for Maddi. He set the tray down just as the doorbell rang again. "I'll get it. It's probably Todd and Cyndi." He ushered them into the room with the others and went to get each of them a cup of coffee. He put on another pot and joined the others again.
"I think we should start by letting Abbi explain her situation to Madison," Michael began. "Madison, you need to stay quiet until she is finished. Then, you can ask questions. Does that seem fair to everyone?" he asked.
"I guess so," the young girl said as she took a sip of her soda and set the can down.
Abbi took a deep breath before starting. She hated reliving the incident. But her training as a social worker told her that Madison needed to hear the truth from her, so she began, "I was your age, Madison, fifteen. I went to a party with friends. I wasn't sure if the parents were going to be home or not. As it turned out, they weren't. I spent the night with a friend, as planned, after the party. I had no recollection of what happened that night, and four months later, I found out I was pregnant. Slowly, we pieced it all together and figured out that someone spiked my drink, with what they call the date rape drug. I didn't know who your biological father was, until about five or six years ago. Jordan and I were broken up at the time, and I ran into a guy I went to high school with. He asked me out, and I went. We dated for several months, and he was the perfect boyfriend, until I tried to break things off. He asked where our baby was. I was stunned. Up until that moment, I had no idea that I had been dating the same person who had violated me so cowardly ten years before that. I lied to him, to protect you. But he found out where you were and actually attempted to take Michael and Angie to court for parental rights. Luckily, we were able to prove the truth, and he didn't win."
Madison listened intently. "So, that would have been the summer I was shipped off to visit my family in Indiana."
Angie nodded. "Yes, honey, we thought it best to get you away from all the court drama."
"Jordan is not my father. This other guy...the one who raped you...is."
Jordan replied, "Yes, that's true. However, I grew up with Abbi and her brother, Dustin. I went through the whole, horrible ordeal with the family. I was at the hospital when you were born. My dad assisted in the surgery that night. My folks were the ones who suggested Michael and Angie adopt you."
Cyndi went to Maddi and took her hand. "Angie and Michael were gracious enough to agree to allow us to be a part of your life. Abbi was a child, your age, and in no way prepared to become a mother. It was a hard decision, but the best for everyone, including you. Michael and Angie have given you a wonderful life, and we have been a part of it. Put yourself in Abbi's place. If this happened to you, would you be prepared for it?"
After a long period of silence, Madison spoke. "I understand, sort of. But to know that every single one of you knew the truth hurts deeply. I feel like a fool."
"Oh, honey, no. That was never the intention. We were waiting until you were old enough to understand. You've always loved Abbi, Jordan, too. Why should that change?" Michael asked.
"I just need some time...to think about all of this. I mean, you have to get it. One day, I am Madison Rose Gray, only daughter of Michael and Angela. In an instant, I find out that my whole life has been a lie. I am actually the daughter of the woman I have considered a friend of the family for my whole life. Then, I hear that my real dad is some low-life rapist, who had the nerve to come back into my life and try to see me. It's a lot to take in."
"Yes, it is," Angie agreed. "But, we will all help you."
"That's right," Todd said in agreement.
"So, do I call you Grandpa or Todd now?" the girl asked in earnest as she wiped a tear from her eye.
"You can call me and Cyndi anything that makes you comfortable."
"And Abbi, what are you to me now? I mean, I really can't call you Mom."
"I am still the same person who loves you very much," Abbi replied.
"We all love you, Madison. It's as simple as that. We've always loved you, and we have always wanted the best for you," Cyndi replied.
"I want to go home now, if you don't mind. I want to be in my room, in my house, by myself. I am not going to do anything crazy. I just can't talk about it anymore, right now. It's going to take some time," Maddi said finally.
"Of course, honey. I don't want you to drive, though. I'll take your car home. You ride with your mother," Michael said.
Maddi looked up. "If I wasn't still so shocked, that would almost be funny. I could ask which mother you meant."
Abbi saw Jordan and her dad exchange a glance at Madison's words. This was not going to be easy.
Angie spoke softly to Abbi before she left. When the Gray family departed, Cyndi and Todd remained for quite some time that night. The next few months were going to be hard, and with Abbi's pregnancy, stress was the last thing she needed, according to her doctor.
* * *
As it turned out, the next few years proved to be difficult, for all of them. There were Madison's bouts of rebellion, when she blatantly stayed out late, worrying Michael and Angie to no end. Her grades suffered so extremely for a while that she'd had to take summer classes one year, to catch up. One day, she would stop by to visit with Abbi and her family, and it would seem all was well. Then she would go for months, without a word. She did, however, maintain a close relationship with Cyndi, her biological grandmother. And then, the summer before her senior year of high school, something happened to change all that.
Lizzie and Rex Hart owned an ad agency in the Dallas area. Lizzie was one of the group of friends, who had grown up together in Indiana and lovingly referred to themselves as the Fab Five or the Fabs. Years later, all the women and their spouses had ended up in the Dallas area. The group consisted of Angie Gray, Madison's adoptive mother, Lizzie, Mari Jacobi, Jordan's mother, and the O'Grady wives, Katy and Chloe. Chloe had not grown up with the women, but they included her in their circle many years ago, during a vacation the women had taken to Dallas. After meeting the O'Grady clan, Chloe, her husband, Shane, and her brother-in-law, Ryan, on that fateful trip, all of their lives had changed. Ryan later married Katy, and eventually, each of the Fabs became involved in some way in the O'Grady business, a restaurant chain, known as Chloe's Place.
The Hart Agency's main office was in Columbus, Ohio. Cara, their daughter, and her husband, Nick, along with their son, Colt, and his wife, Kendyl, ran that division. Cara had a son, Caleb, from her first marriage. A plane crash, shortly after Cara learned she was pregnant, took her husband, Caleb, from her. Later, she married her high school sweetheart, Nick, and gave birth to the son she named after his deceased father. Now, Caleb was in college, and he planned to join the family business. Rex suffered from heart trouble, and it made sense that Caleb would learn the business from the man who started the company from the ground up, with the intention of, someday, taking over the Dallas office.
Caleb came to Dallas for the summer, to intern for his grandfather. He was only a year ahead of Madison in school. He was actually several months younger, but he had taken college courses in high school and was starting as a sophomore in the fall. Angie and Michael had held Madison back when she was younger, thinking she needed an extra year of preschool. So that was how he happened to be ahead of her by the time they were ready to start college. The two of them had maintained a friendship across the miles since they were babies. That summer, the two were inseparable when they were not working. Madison's whole outlook on life seemed to change, as if by magic.
Caleb returned to school in Ohio that fall, and Madison began her senior year in Texas. Her grades excelled. She stopped dating local boys, and she and Caleb managed to see each other a few times, when the families got together that year. They kept in touch via social media, email, texts and phone calls. It was apparent that a romance was slowly blossoming, and the people who loved Madison could not have been more relieved.
And now, they were all in attendance at her graduation. In a few minutes, Madison Rose Gray would walk across the stage and receive her diploma. Her journey into adulthood was just beginning and what it held was anyone's guess. She planned to attend school at the same college as Caleb, who was moving in with his grandparents. Yes, this was growing serious, Abbi thought with a smile.
In the past year, she and her firstborn had reached a point in their relationship where they could finally be honest and open with each other. Madison visited often, became close to her younger half-sister and half-brother, and, once again, she was the cherished, loving, only daughter of Michael and Angela Gray.
It had been a hard road, to get to where they were now, but it was worth every tear to have Madison in her life again.
Jordan's gentle nudge brought Abbi back to the present. "It's her turn," he whispered.
Abbi watched with the others as Madison made her way across the huge stage and accepted her sheepskin. She looked out into the crowd as she walked off the stage and blew a kiss to her family and friends, the light shining in her beautiful eyes giving away the sheer joy she felt in that moment.
Abbi wiped a tear from her eye, a happy tear, as she watched Madison take her place with her classmates. And when the ceremony ended, and the graduates were free to join their families, Madison sought her out first.
"Abbi, thank you so much for your support all these years, I love you," the girl said as she hugged her.
It meant the world to Abbi to hear those words, as she watched Madison then turn and go to her mother, Angie Gray.

The latest in the Red Petticoat Series by Carolyn Faulkner is here!

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Discovering that even the best laid plans can go awry, Gloria is informed that she will be living with the head of the school board, Seth McIntrye. Seth finds the schoolmarm's judgmental ways to be an issue. While she isn't another Millicent Crankshaw, a far as he is concerned, she needs to get down off her high horse and accept the fact that the gems at the saloon are just as good if not better than any other woman. If it takes pulling her over his knees to get to the bottom of the problem-so be it.
Carolyn takes you into the heart of Culpepper Cove and its citizens. I hope you enjoy Gloria and Seth's journey towards acceptance and discover how a schoolmarm earns her gem name of Garnet.
Happy Reading!
Maggie Ryan
Grading Garnet by Carolyn Faulkner
Gloria Owens was not about to allow her father to marry her off to anyone, much less someone he actually had to pay to take her in the form of a very generous dowry. Money would not be enough for some poor man to overlook her plainness-of features and of speech.
She never intended to marry. She had other plans-she wanted to teach as her mother had taught her as a child. Very neatly circumventing her father's wishes, Gloria got her certificate and found herself a job in Culpepper Cove, California, where she intended to be a very happy old maid schoolteacher until her dying day.
But she hadn't accounted for the man who had offered her the job-the head of the school board-one Seth McIntrye. He seemed to take it upon himself to get under her skin to the point of deciding to appoint himself in charge of what he considered to be her desperate need for discipline.
And she certainly hadn't accounted for the idea of seeing that man doing things to a woman that-if she were honest with herself-she would have preferred he do to her!
What's more, not only was he technically her boss, but she had to live under his roof, which only gave him that many more reasons-excuses to paddle her behind. Under his guidance, Gloria learns that she shouldn't make hasty judgments about things and people she knows nothing about. Those beautiful women who work in The Red Petticoat Saloon are nothing like she imagined. They might be soiled doves but each and every one has battled for their own dreams-was she really that different from the women who never hesitated to help another?
When Seth sets her rear on fire and follows by igniting passion she never knew she was capable of, Gloria learns that there are lessons to be learned that weren't found between the pages of any book. Would one afternoon of wild passion be enough to weaken Gloria's plan on remaining a spinster or would Seth's determination to corral the saucy Miss Owens have her becoming his bride?
DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and sexual scenarios. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase this book.
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The Red Petticoat Saloon series is a collection of books written by #1 and USA Today bestselling authors. Each book tells the unique story of a different woman, 'a gem', who comes to the saloon to find a safe haven and discovers they become part of a family. Recurring characters appear in each book to allow readers a continuity as they learn about the women who have learned to bend but have not broken under the harshness that life has to offer. It is a series where strong, loving men find not only entertainment at the saloon but the special women who reside under its roof.
Previous books in the Red Petticoat Series...

My Capricious Cowgirl: Willamette Wives, Book Four by Maggie Ryan

My Capricious Cowgirl: Willamette Wives, Book Four
Despair brought her to Oregon... his love brought her into his arms.


Out of destruction comes hope; out of silence comes profound love.
Matthew Stone is a rancher who finds his greatest pleasure in working in the great outdoors, doing his part in building the Rose Ranch in the Oregon territory. He has watched his friends wed, and accepts their teasing about his confirmed bachelorhood. All that changes the day he is out repairing fences and looks up to see a horse jumping the railing, aware of how dangerous that is, as the last fence drops away. His warning does nothing to stop the rider, and a scream has him racing down the cliff, expecting to find the worst. What he finds instead is a small boy, clinging to a boulder while the river attempts to pull him away.
Sally Jefferson has just arrived in a strange place, and her young son Davy is the only person she knows there. Devastation and heartache have followed them as they braved the Oregon Trail, and she fears that, after surviving over two-thousand miles, she won't survive another moment when Davy's life is threatened.
The moment Matthew and Sally meet is like an echo of the storm that drove her from her home, as lightning seems to strike between them. 
Matthew never expected to fall in love. Now he finds himself head over heels not only for Sally, but for a boy who doesn't speak and yet has stolen his heart.
Will Matthew be able to convince Sally that life can begin again? Will the fact that his very touch ignites her soul be enough to allow her to accept not only his love, but his discipline?
My Capricious Cowgirl is the fourth book in the Willamette Wives series about a group of pioneers who are building their dreams together and sharing in both the burdens and the joys. They are far more than friends... they are a family. Though this is the fourth book, it can be read as a standalone.
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